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Online Kratom Gas Saver Sale

Why are gas prices going up? More pain at the pump as OPEC cuts oil production by 2 million barrels

Hold onto your wallet: Gas prices may be going up again.

The OPEC+ alliance of oil exporting countries said Wednesday it will cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day, a move that will likely raise prices at the pump.

The group said the decision was based on the “uncertainty that surrounds the global economic and oil market outlooks.”

Oil is trading well below its summer peaks because of fears that major global economies such as the U.S. or Europe will sink into recession due to high inflation, rising interest rates and energy uncertainty over Russia’s war in Ukraine.

With an uptick in demand and refinery issues, U.S. gas prices were already trending higher in recent weeks. The average price of a gallon of gas Wednesday was $3.83.

Save money on gas: How to save money at the pump as gas prices rise

GasBuddy’s head of petroleum analysis, Patrick De Haan, predicted gas prices will go up on the East Coast, in the South and Northeast and in the Rockies.

The West Coast, Great Lakes and Plains may see prices drop as refinery problems are addressed, according to De Haan. “They just won’t go as low as they might have otherwise,” he tweeted.

A spike in gas prices could hammer an already struggling economy. It could also have political fallout with midterm elections just weeks away.

Falling gas prices helped elevate President Joe Biden’s approval rating and the Democratic Party as it faces a challenging election season.

Gas prices rose earlier this year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The average price of gas hit a record high of $5.02 a gallon in June. Prices declined from July through mid-September.

Contributing: Associated Press

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Best Kratom Try in 2023

Best Kratom Try in 2023

Best Kratom Try in 2023 As of February 2023, there is no scientific consensus on the best kratom strains to try.

Trying out the different Kratom strains can be a very exciting experience. After all, the benefits are endless, and the results are often life-changing. This article is here to help you make an informed decision about which strains are best for you.

Kratom effects can vary depending on several factors, including the specific strain, the dose, and the individual’s personal biochemistry. Some popular kratom strains include:

Maeng Da: a high-energy strain that is often used for boosting energy, motivation, and focus

Bali: a mild strain that is commonly used for pain relief, relaxation, and stress relief

Indo: a moderate-strength strain that is said to be good for pain relief, anxiety, and depression

Thai: a high-energy strain that is said to provide a boost of energy and focus

Malay: a moderate-strength strain that is often used for pain relief and relaxation.

It is important to note that the effects of kratom can vary greatly between individuals and that the safety and efficacy of kratom have not been thoroughly studied. Before trying any new substance, including kratom, it is always best to consult a healthcare professional.

Green vein kratom

Green vein kratom is one of the three main types of kratom, along with red and white vein kratom. It is known for having a balance of effects between the other two veins.

Green vein kratom is said to have a mixture of both energizing and relaxing effects.

Some users report that it provides a balanced and moderate energy boost, as well as pain relief, and a sense of relaxation and calm.

It is also sometimes used for mood enhancement, stress relief, and improved focus and concentration.

White vein kratom

White vein kratom is one of the three main types of kratom, along with red and green vein kratom.

It is known for having energizing and stimulating effects, making it a popular choice among those who use it to enhance their productivity and focus.

White vein kratom is said to provide an energy boost, increased mental alertness, improved mood, and reduced anxiety.

It is also sometimes used to combat fatigue and increase motivation.

Some users report that white vein kratom provides a more intense stimulation compared to other kratom strains, although this can vary depending on the individual and the dose taken.

Red vein kratom

Red vein kratom is one of the three main types of kratom, along with white and green vein kratom. It is known for its relaxing and sedative effects and is often used for pain relief, anxiety, and stress relief.

Red vein kratom is said to have a calming effect on the body and mind, promoting relaxation and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

It is also commonly used as a sleep aid and for managing pain, including chronic pain. Some users also report that red vein kratom can improve their mood and provide a sense of well-being.

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Kratom effects by strain color

Kratom effects by strain color

Kratom strains are typically categorized based on their vein color, which can indicate differences in alkaloid content and, therefore, effects.

Red Vein Kratom: known for its calming and relaxing effects, often used for pain relief and reducing anxiety.

Green Vein Kratom: known for providing a balance of stimulation and relaxation, often used for improving focus and motivation.

White Vein Kratom: known for its energetic and mood-lifting effects, often used for improving productivity and enhancing sociability.

It’s important to note that individual reactions to kratom can vary, and the effects may also depend on the dose and quality of the kratom used.

Kratom is a plant-based substance that is traditionally used as a natural remedy in Southeast Asia. It is believed to have various effects, including pain relief, relaxation, improved mood, and increased energy.

These effects have made it popular among people who use it to manage pain, relieve stress, and improve their overall well-being.

However, the use of kratom is controversial, as it has not been extensively studied, and some health organizations have raised concerns about its safety and potential for abuse.

Kratom is commonly used for the following conditions:

  1. Pain relief: Many people claim that kratom is an effective pain reliever, especially for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and fibromyalgia.
  2. Anxiety and depression: Some people use kratom to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, as it is believed to have mood-boosting effects.
  3. Opioid withdrawal: Kratom is sometimes used as a tool to help people withdraw from opioid drugs, as it is believed to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety, pain, and insomnia.
  4. Fatigue: Kratom is also believed to increase energy levels and reduce feelings of fatigue.
  5. Improving focus and motivation: Some people use kratom to improve focus and motivation, as it is believed to have cognitive-enhancing effects.

It is important to note that while some people have reported benefits from using kratom, its safety and efficacy have not been extensively studied. Additionally, the FDA has issued warnings about the potential health risks associated with kratom use, including the possibility of dependence.

Using results of a survey of more than 2,700 self-reported users of the herbal supplement kratom, sold online and in smoke shops around the U.S., Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers conclude that the psychoactive compound somewhat similar to opioids likely has a lower rate of harm than prescription opioids for treating pain, anxiety, depression and addiction.

In a report on the findings, published in the Feb. 3 issue of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, the researchers caution that while self-reporting surveys aren’t always entirely reliable, they confirmed that kratom is not regulated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and that scientific studies have not been done to formally establish safety and benefits.

They say that U.S. drug agencies should seek to study and regulate rather than ban kratom sales outright because of its seemingly safe therapeutic potential, and as a possible alternative to opioid use. The American Kratom Association (AKA), a consumer advocacy group, estimates that 10-16 million people in the U.S. regularly use kratom by either eating its ground leaves in food or brewing them in tea.

Kratom is a tropical plant related to coffee trees, and grown mainly in Southeast Asia. It contains a chemical called mitragynine, an alkaloid that acts on the brain opiate receptors and alters mood. In Asia, where use has long been widespread, people use it in small doses as an energy and mood booster, similar to coffee use in the West. They use larger amounts for pain, or recreationally like beer and wine.

Kratom products are unregulated and nonstandardized, and reports — although sparse — have linked its use to hallucinations, seizures and liver damage, when combined with alcohol or other drugs. In 2016, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) proposed banning commercial sale and use, and the FDA has advised categorizing it as a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no proven medical application and has a high risk of abuse. These agencies were met with public and supplement industry pushback, and no action was taken. A salmonella contamination outbreak in 2018 among users increased concerns.

However, says Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D., instructor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the new survey findings “suggest that kratom doesn’t belong in the category of a Schedule I drug, because there seems to be relatively low rate of abuse potential, and there may be medical applications to explore, including as a possible treatment for pain and opioid use disorder.”

“There has been a bit of fearmongering,” he adds, “because kratom is opioidlike, and because of the toll of our current opioid epidemic.”

A 2015 study in Thailand that reported that people in Asia have been using kratom successfully to treat opioid addiction for decades renewed interest among researchers in the U.S.

For the current survey, Garcia-Romeu says, he and his team enrolled 2,798 people to complete an online survey on their use of kratom. They recruited participants online and through social media, as well as through the AKA. Overall, users were mostly white, educated and middle-aged. Some 61% of users were women, and 90% were white. About 6% reported being multiracial, 1.5% reported being Native American or Hawaiian, 0.5% reported being Asian and 0.4% said they were African American. Participants were an average age of 40. About 84% of participants reported having at least some college education.

Of these participants, 91% reported taking kratom to alleviate pain on average a couple times a day for back, shoulder and knee pain, 67% for anxiety and 65% for depression. About 41% of survey responders said they took kratom to treat opioid withdrawal, and of those people who took it for opioid withdrawal, 35% reported going more than a year without taking prescription opioids or heroin.

As part of the survey, participants completed a Substance Use Disorder Symptom checklist to assess whether their use qualified as a substance use disorder according to the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition guidelines. Fewer than 3% of responses met the criteria for moderate or severe substance use disorder for abusing kratom, but about 13% met some criteria for kratom-related substance use disorder. This is comparable to about 8%–12% of people prescribed opioid medications who became dependent, according to statistics from the U.S. National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA).

“Both prescription and illicit opioids carry the risk of lethal overdose as evidenced by the more than 47,000 opioid overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2017,” says Garcia-Romeu. “Notably there’s been fewer than 100 kratom-related deaths reported in a comparable period, and most of these involved mixing with other drugs or in combination with preexisting health conditions.”

A third of the survey participants reported having mild unpleasant side effects from kratom, such as constipation, upset stomach or lethargy, which mostly resolved within a day. Only 1.9% reported that side effects were severe enough for them to seek medical treatment, such as feeling withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, depression or insomnia when the kratom wore off. Fewer than 10% of participants reported notable kratom-related withdrawal symptoms.

“Although our findings show kratom to be relatively safe according to these self-reports, unregulated medicinal supplements raise concerns with respect to contamination or higher doses of the active chemicals, which could increase negative side effects and harmful responses,” says Garcia-Romeu. “This is why we advocate for the FDA to regulate kratom, which would require testing for impurities and maintaining safe levels of the active chemicals. Otherwise, unregulated products run the risk of unsafe additives and dosing problems, which could be like getting a shot of grain alcohol when you were trying to order a beer.”

Garcia-Romeu adds that data is scant on whether one can overdose on kratom alone, or how it interacts with alcohol or other drugs. The researchers also say rigorous clinical research needs to be done to test kratom for its potential therapeutic benefits, for behavioral intoxication effects and adverse side effects to further help inform government policy and regulation. They also suggest that people err on the side of caution and not mix kratom with any other drugs or medications, and to always talk with their health care provider before taking any supplement.

Aside from Garcia-Romeu, authors on the study include David Cox, Kelly Dunn and Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins and Kirsten Smith of NIDA.

Support for this study was provided in part by grants from NIDA (R01DA003889 and R01DA035246).

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Red Vein Kratom Strains Show Promise in Pain Relief

Red Vein Kratom Strains Show Promise in Pain Relief

Red Vein Kratom Strains Show Promise in Pain Relief according to a new study has found that red vein kratom strains may have significant pain-relieving properties.

Red Vein Kratom Strains Show Promise in Pain Relief

The study, conducted by a team of researchers at a leading university, analyzed the effects of various strains of red vein kratom on chronic pain patients.

The results showed that red vein kratom strains were effective in reducing pain levels and improving overall quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain.

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a plant native to Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. In recent years, it has gained popularity as a natural alternative to traditional pain medications, such as opioids. The active compounds in kratom, called alkaloids, are believed to interact with the body’s pain receptors to reduce pain.

Red vein kratom strains, in particular, are known for their calming and sedative effects. The study found that these strains were particularly effective in reducing pain levels in patients suffering from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and back pain. Participants reported significant reductions in pain after taking red vein kratom, with some even saying they were able to reduce or eliminate their use of prescription pain medications.

Despite the promising results, the study’s authors caution that more research is needed to fully understand the safety and efficacy of red vein kratom for pain relief. They also stressed the importance of using kratom products from reputable sources and under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

The findings of this study are expected to lead to further research into the potential pain-relieving benefits of red vein kratom and its potential as a natural alternative to traditional pain medications. As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage communities across the country, the search for safe and effective alternatives to manage chronic pain remains a pressing concern. The potential of red vein kratom to help address this problem is an exciting development for those in pain and the healthcare professionals who treat them.

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most notable benefits of kratom

Kratom, a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, has gained increasing popularity in recent years for its potential health benefits. The leaves of the kratom tree contain a number of alkaloids that are believed to have a variety of effects on the human body.

One of the most notable benefits of kratom is its ability to relieve pain. The alkaloids in kratom are believed to interact with the same receptors in the brain that respond to traditional pain medications such as opioids. However, unlike opioids, kratom is not considered addictive and does not have the same risk of overdose or death.

In addition to pain relief, kratom is also believed to have other health benefits, including improved mood and increased energy. Many users report feeling more alert and focused after taking kratom, and some have even claimed that it has helped them overcome depression and anxiety.

Despite its growing popularity, kratom is not without controversy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that there is limited scientific evidence to support the claimed benefits of kratom and that there are significant concerns about its safety and potential for abuse.

Despite these concerns, many people continue to use kratom for its perceived health benefits, and there is a growing body of research aimed at better understanding the effects of kratom on the human body.

In conclusion, while the benefits of kratom are still being studied, many users have reported positive experiences with the plant, and further research may help to shed more light on its potential health benefits. However, it is important to consult a healthcare provider before taking kratom or any other dietary supplement.

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Trial Confirms That Kratom Has Pain Relieving Effects

Trial Confirms That Kratom Has Pain Relieving Effects

The 15 million Americans who use Kratom are already well aware that Kratom is a powerful pain reliever, and that Kratom provides opioid analgesic effects. However, there has not been any human clinical trials to confirm that Kratom relieves pain, at least until now. This is a critical step towards Kratom one day being officially recognized as a solution for chronic pain and pain treatment in general.

The Yale School of Medicine in collaboration with the University Sains Malaysia have published a peer reviewed scientific study titled ‘Kratom and Pain Tolerance: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Study‘, which describes the first human clinical trial for Kratom.

In this study 26 participants were given a random sequence of Kratom and placebo drinks that had the same taste and appearance. Further, neither the participants nor the scientists administering the drinks knew which ones were Kratom and which ones were placebo to remove any bias.

The participants then stuck their hand in an ice bath, and the time was measured between the onset of pain and the time at which the participant took their hand out of the ice bath. Indeed, putting your hand in ice cold water is extremely painful, and therefore pain tolerance can be measured by how long the participant can keep their hand in the ice bath.

It was found that for the placebo it took 12-15 seconds between the time the ice bath became painful and the time the participant took their hand out, confirming that the placebo did nothing to relieve pain.

On the other hand, before participants took Kratom they could only keep their hand in the ice for 11.2 seconds, but an hour after taking the Kratom they could keep it in for 25 seconds.

This is firm proof that Kratom increases pain tolerance, relieves pain, and that Kratom is an analgesic. Of course, this was already well known among Kratom users, but this result is important since it was empirically determined during a human clinical trial, and sets the stage for more human clinical trials, and ultimately could lead to Kratom being officially recognized as a solution for pain treatment.

On a side note, this experiment also found that there were no signs of withdrawal or discomfort 10-20 hours after discontinuing the Kratom, which is in-line with previous scientific studies and numerous subjective reports which indicate that Kratom causes little to no withdrawal. Indeed, Kratom withdrawal is comparable to Coffee withdrawal, if not less severe than Coffee withdrawal.

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KRATOM RESEARCH TRIALS may be coming. Despite kratom’s popularity and availability, there is little polished research or trials beyond identifying the substance’s potential for a variety of health problems.

That may be about to change.

A combination of Congressional encouragement and the state-by-state patchwork of laws around kratom have established a rejuvenated interest in taking a closer look at the medical effects of the substance. That spark has led to a new trial testing kratom’s viability, and although it’s still early, some in the wider medical community believe the industry could be on the verge of moving past the “fear mongering” that has clouded kratom research to date.

The most recent development in the world of kratom research centers on atai Life Sciences, a German-based biopharmaceutical company, and its results from a phase 1 trial. At the center of the trial is an oral form of one of kratom’s active ingredients to investigate its potential as a treatment for opioid use disorder. Researchers will now wait for further results as the trial develops, including an impending placebo comparison study, but that doesn’t diminish the value of a trial that determined the treatment was “safe and well tolerated with a dose-proportional pharmacokinetic profile.”

What makes the timing of this trial even more intriguing is recent signaling from the United States government about pursuing research of kratom’s medical potential. In notes included with a spending package, a Congressional committee praised the National Institute on Drug Abuse for its effort so far in researching kratom. The committee specifically “urges NIDA to consider a human clinical trial on its therapeutic effects to treat opioid use disorder.”

Launching a human clinical trial would be a major step forward from where kratom research currently sits. The problem is that those aspirations seem out of step with the research and public facing data that NIDA has produced in the last two years.

The NIDA research that Congress called “promising” came from results produced in 2020 as an attempt to “review emerging evidence to inform kratom policy.” Those encouraging results didn’t go as far as challenging the Food and Drug Administrations assertion that kratom currently has “no accepted medical use.” Still, the agency identified a number of areas where they are actively looking at expanding available research.

Currently, NIDA is looking into kratom’s potential as an alternative to opioids, especially related to pain, fatigue and mental health problems. What’s so appealing is indications that compared to other treatment options, “a very small number of deaths have been linked to kratom products and nearly all cases involved other drugs or contaminants.”

Now, the race is on in both the private and public sectors to continue to probe kratom’s effectiveness as a medical alternative, and build on the available research. human clinical trial

Like the NIDA research, some of the most influential research available on kratom has come in the last five years, and hinted at the same encouraging results as the government agencies. Among those studies was a survey of kratom users conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine in February of 2020. In that report, researchers concluded that kratom “likely has a lower rate of harm than prescription opioids” and recommended that “U.S. drug agencies should seek to regulate rather than ban kratom sales outright.”

Albert Garcia-Romeu, an instructor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said the reason for the tendency to ban kratom instead of regulation comes from the same problem that the substance hopes to treat.

“There has been a bit of fear mongering because kratom is opioid-like, and because of the toll of our current opioid epidemic.”

But that hasn’t stopped the research/medical community from looking beyond the fear to try and find answers to the ongoing epidemic. Congress has also been willing to push past that stigma, and urged federal funding due to the potential of “unadulterated kratom may provide help for some Americans struggling with addictions, given its analgesic and less addictive properties as compared to opioids.”

That consensus was echoed by Garcia-Romeu, who said the Johns Hopkins survey is just one of many indications that the time has come to move beyond the policy of prohibition.

“Kratom doesn’t belong in the category of a Schedule I drug, because there seems to be relatively low rate of abuse potential,” he said, “and there may be medical applications to explore, including as a possible treatment for pain and opioid use disorder.”

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A bill to protect access to kratom


H.R.9634 – To protect access to kratom.

Bipartisan congressional lawmakers have filed a bill H.R.9634 meant to protect access to kratom and prevent adverse administrative actions against the natural substance, which has been used as an opioid alternative and to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

The Federal Clarity for Kratom Consumers Act— or bill to protect access to kratom, sponsored by Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI)—would prevent the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from imposing requirements for kratom that are more restrictive than allowable under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDAC).

It further stipulates that the the department “could not treat kratom, or any product derived from or containing kratom, as an adulterated dietary supplement” or “require kratom to undergo requirements for notification as a new dietary ingredient.”

“I have heard countless stories of the benefits of kratom experienced by consumers across the country, including veterans, law enforcement officials, and everyday American who credit kratom with saving their lives,” Lee said in a press release circulated by the  American Kratom Association (AKA) on Wednesday. “This legislation that we introduced today will be life-changing for these Americans. The [Food and Drug Administration] needs to fulfill its duty to protect consumers, not abuse their powers in ways the Congress never intended.”

Protect access to kratom.

Pocan said that “kratom can be a harm reduction tool for those struggling with opioid dependency across the country—it doesn’t belong in our broken drug scheduling system.”

“This legislation will prevent the criminalization of kratom consumers and distributors while promising scientific research is conducted,” he said.

Under the legislation, the HHS secretary would need to convene at least one public hearing to address the scientific data on the public health risks and benefits of the plant. The hearing would have to include input from “leading scientific researchers” and consider topics such as the number of Americans who use kratom, substance misuse potential and more.

HHS would be required to open a public docket for at least 30 days for people to weigh in ahead of the hearing.

Additionally, a “Kratom Research Task Force” would be established under HHS in order to “coordinate kratom-related research conducted or supported by the Federal Government.”

The task force would need to submit a report to Congress and the HHS secretary within 90 days of enactment, detailing “all federally-funded kratom-related research that has begun or been completed.” Each quarter thereafter, the panel would need to update Congress on the status of kratom research, including an analysis.

“The Kratom Research Task Force shall convene public meetings with appropriate experts and stakeholders to increase public awareness concerning the current state of kratom-related research,” the text of the bill says. The task force would be dissolved two years after submitting the initial report.

The main crux of the legislation is about ensuring that federal agencies don’t unduly restrict access to the plant-based medicine. That includes by mandating that all HHS rulemaking on kratom complies with existing rules under FDAC.

“The Secretary may not issue, implement, or enforce an import alert for a kratom or kratom-derived product unless the Secretary determines that there is a history of such kratom or kratom-derived product being adulterated,” another section states.

It also says that nothing about the federal legislation is intended to “preempt” the laws of states, a growing number of which have enacted or considered measures to protect and regulate kratom access.

This is the first major piece of standalone, congressional kratom legislation to be introduced—notably on a bipartisan and bicameral basis to protect access to kratom.

“The introduction of this legislation is a landmark victory for kratom consumers across the country,” Mac Haddow, senior fellow on public policy at AKA, said.

“Research has shown kratom to have significantly less potential for harm than substances with a much higher safety and addiction profile and the responsible regulation of kratom products will open the door for continued research,” he said. “We encourage the swift passage of this bill so that the millions of people who consume kratom every year will have these important protections in place.”

Congress has addressed kratom issues in other ways. For example, the House included language in a spending bill report earlier this year that promotes research into the potential opioid alternative, though that was excluded for the final appropriations package that was released this week.

AKA has focused much of its advocacy work on state-level regulations. One bill that the group worked on that was signed by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) this year provides a regulatory framework for the legal sale of kratom.

Pocan, the House sponsor of this new congressional legislation, has been a particularly strong voice advocating for research, emphasizing its therapeutic potential.

At a congressional hearing in May, for example, he expressed appreciation for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for funding research into the plant, stating that kratom has “helped many people to get off of opioids.”

The National Institutes on Health (NIH) also hosted a meeting this year to explore the therapeutic potential of the “controversial tree,” with an expert providing an overview of the science of kratom and what role it could play in mitigating the overdose crisis.

On the international level, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) decided last year not to recommend that kratom be globally prohibited in a victory for activists.

While the decision was based on a scientific review of the risk of dependence, abuse potential and therapeutic applications of kratom, advocates touted the fact that about 80,000 people submitted comments to the panel, sharing their perspectives and experiences with the plant-derived substance.

As it stands, kratom is not scheduled under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) or under international drug treaties to which the U.S. is a party. FDA has considered putting restrictions on the substance, but it has faced resistance and has been unable to do so at this point.

Some advocates suspected that, since the agency hasn’t imposed a ban on kratom domestically, it would use the WHO convention as an opportunity to get prohibition enacted internationally, a move that the country would be compelled to comply with.

A bipartisan and bicameral duo of congressional lawmakers sent a letter to the secretary of HHS and the country’s UN ambassador last year, imploring the officials to resist efforts to impose an international ban on kratom.

As federal agencies have gone back and forth about the merits of scheduling kratom over recent years, there’s been “no conclusive evidence that would warrant the United States voting in favor of an international control of this substance,” the lawmakers said.

In 2020, the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) asked the public to help identify research that specifically looks at the risks and benefits of cannabinoids and kratom.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2020 separately received more than one thousand comments concerning kratom as part of another public solicitation.

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bitcoin payments

bitcoin accepted here


bitcoin payments

Have you been sitting on the fence about Bitcoin? By now you have are probably accepting  bitcoin and crypto currencies as a reality, and maybe even thinking seriously about getting involved. So, if you need a final nudge in the right direction, here are 10 good reasons why it’s worth taking the time to get involved, not only with the legal tender, but the large and growing, passionate global Bitcoin community.

Bitcoins have gripped the imagination of the young and old alike. Nothing like bitcoin has ever existed throughout the annals of history. It can excite passions in its enthusiasts and cynics alike.

Why Use Bitcoin?

But why use bitcoins? Right? Are there benefits inherent to bitcoins that elude all other government issued currencies? Infact, why is bitcoin rising? Fret not! By the end of this article, we will cover most of the more significant reasons why you, I and literally everyone can benefit from using cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoins in particular.


It is an Alternative to Fiat Currency

Fiat currency is any money that is considered legal tender by a government. Since fiat currency is issued and controlled by a country, it is subject to the whims of a government. For example, a government can choose to devalue its currency in order to, let’s say, gain competitive advantage in foreign trade.

The devaluation might be good for the economy as a whole but it negatively affects people like you and I, as our savings are worth less than it was before the devaluation. Since bitcoin is not subject to government control, it cannot be devalued by a government decree.

 A Digital Currency for Digitized Society

Even though convention money is also digital to some extent, think of online banking and credit cards. The key difference is that online banking is a service provided by a profit making entity, which makes money off of our transactions.

Bitcoins, on the other hand, are an inherently digital form of currency that can be turned into physical money through paper wallets. But, it does not involve for-profit entities trying to make money off of every single thing we do with our monies.

 Avoiding Government Overreach

As I mentioned earlier, bitcoin is not another tool for the government to exercise its control. It is truly our money. Governments can’t freeze our bitcoin wallets as with bank accounts.

They can’t prevent us from moving money across national borders as in the case with capital controls.

Ideal For Online Shopping

We’ve grown accustomed to going online for most of our basic shopping. But for some reason the conventional system of money hasn’t changed a bit. If I want to buy something online, I have to provide the merchant with my credit card information. Seems a bit ridiculous doesn’t it? With bitcoins we can simply send money without giving away any personal information to a third party.


Cost, Fees and Commission

The cost of transacting with bitcoins is insignificant compared to other forms of online payment. The cost of moving bitcoin around is surprisingly cheap. Even if a payment processor such as BitPay is involved, it is still cheaper than any credit company or payment processor.

According to Bitcoin Coin Fees, every single transaction of bitcoin has an average cost of 0.001 bitcoins. This is known as miner fees, which is paid to the miners for authenticating the transaction. Aide from the miner fee, if a payment processor is involved there will also be a transaction fee, ranging around 1% of the total amount.

A Fantastic Investment

Bitcoin has been named as one of the best investments for a number of years. Since bitcoin has a limited supply, which is in a perpetual decline, and at the same time its demand continues to increaseits price tends to naturally appreciate.

Impregnable Security

Since bitcoin is a decentralized system of money, the system itself is virtually impossible to hack into. Each and every transaction is individually validated, verified and recorded into a permanent ledger that ensures absolute security for each and every transaction.

Payment Information Security

Most of you should have heard of the security breach at Equifax, a credit reporting agency. Imagine if a credit reporting agency cannot safeguard its consumers vital information, how can we expect merchants to safeguard our payment information such as credit card information.

And Equifax is just one of the countless such cyber breaches, where our payment information was stolen. Such theft of payment information is impossible with bitcoins as we don’t have to give out our payment information in order to pay for our purchases.

Bitcoin Use is Pseudo-Anonymous

Aside from the safety associated with bitcoin use, bitcoin offers a degree of anonymity that even banks can’t offer. The main reason is that, banks are mandated by law to collect information on its deposit holders and report to the government.

Using bitcoin, on the other hand, doesn’t even require proof of identification. Everyone has unique key addresses that are not associated with any kind of personal identifiers. Interestingly, despite each and every transaction being recorded on the blockchain, the blockchain does not aggregate all of its information, it merely records it.

It’s Lightening Fast

In terms of speed there are some nuances to be careful of. A bitcoin transaction can take from ten minutes to a few hours depending on a few factors. But the important thing is that we can send money across the globe within the same timeframe as local transactions unlike international transfers or bank checks which can take from three to five days to clear.

It isn’t Subject to the Erosive Effects of Inflation

Inflation has a tendency to creep up on us. It slowly eroding the value of our hard earned money. Basically, it slowly eats away at the real value of our money without touching the absolute amount of money, which is why inflation can be so deceptive and dangerous. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is deflationary in nature, meaning, it does not loses value, instead it gain value over the course of time.

Since bitcoin is not subject to government control, it cannot be devalued by a government decree.

Offers Safety in an Unstable Global Economy

Think back. Don’t go back too far. In just the past ten years, there have been so many financial and economic crises, it’s mind blowing. After the global crises of 2007-08, we saw the Euro Zone crisis, the Greek Debt crises, the Italian banking crises.

The global economy, despite slowly growing, is on a weak footing and since bitcoins are not correlated with a single economy, it is an excellent way to mitigate some of the risks of economic crisis. 

 Bitcoin’s Use is on the Rise

The rising popularity and usage of Bitcoins

Bitcoin’s use has been on a steady rise. The number of companies accepting bitcoins as a form of payment is increasing. The number of bitcoin users are also increasing. Its use as a way to send money across national borders is also on the rise. Bitcoin is gaining traction and there is no better time to invest in bitcoins. This also answers the question why is bitcoin rising.

There you have it. 14 simple reasons why we should all use bitcoins. Of course using bitcoins doesn’t mean swearing off conventional money. It just means that for the first time, we have an option in terms of choosing our currency. Use the currency we think will benefit us in a particular situation.

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Labor Day Monday September 7

Labor Day Monday September 7

REMINDER – Post Office is closed on Labor Day: Monday, September 7.

Online Kratom will be closed on Labor Day as well.

To celebrate achievements of workers and the labor movement; unofficially marks the end of summer and the return to school for students in most parts of the United States.

Make sure you get your orders in NOW to ensure that there are no delays.

Labor Day Sale

Wacky Wednesday Kratom Sale

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Wacky Wednesday Sale

Wacky Wednesday Sale25% off selected Items – Use Code WACKY

Labor Day Monday September 7Labor Day Monday September 7

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kratom coronavirus

kratom coronavirus

kratom and coronavirus, the American Kratom Association (AKA) strongly advises the kratom consumer community to refrain from circulating claims, either on behalf of vendors or based on a personal belief, that kratom is an effective treatment for COVID-19, or that it can help to prevent infections of that virus.

kratom and coronavirus

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is closely monitoring all impermissible therapeutic claims made by manufacturers, distributors, or vendors about kratom. COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving threat to public health and has drawn speculation from a number of researchers about a range of potential products that can build immune systems or treat the symptoms of COVID-19. 

Recent comments have been published by a researcher at Tanjungpura University in Indonesia. Dr. Thamrin Usman, on the diversity of tropical plants in West Kalimantan that have compounds that can strengthen the immune system and “ward off coronavirus” or treat its symptoms.

This unsupported opinion by a single researcher is not sufficient to justify any such claims, and the FDA can and will use any marketing attempts for kratom and COVID-19 as a justification for increased scrutiny on kratom.


The FDA has already launched an aggressive enforcement campaign against CBD companies making claims about CBD’s effectiveness against COVID-19. More that 30 companies have received warning letters from the FDA, with 5 who specialize in CBD on FDA’s target list. The FDA is also focusing on indirect claims being made.  

For example, one company received a warning letter for making the statement: “Can CBD help with Corona Virus? Possibly! But one thing is for sure, it will help you relax when everyone else is panicking.” 

The FDA’s CBD warning letters end with this ominous warning: “Failure to immediately correct the violations cited in this letter may result in legal action, including, without limitation, seizure and injunction.” The kratom community is already acutely aware of the FDA’s War on Kratom and we do not need to paint a larger target on our backs. 

The AKA urges manufacturers, distributors, vendors and consumers to carefully avoid any claims about kratom and COVID-19 until and if credible research is completed to document such claims.

Let’s work together to shrink the target for the FDA on kratom, not expand it!

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kratom benefits list
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does kratom show up on a probation drug test

kratom drug test

does kratom show up on a probation drug test

Kratom users who find themselves in a situation where they are being drug tested for employment purposes or probation/parole will definitely ask the question, does Kratom show up on a drug test? This article gives the exact answer for employment drug tests and probation/parole drug tests, and what you need to be careful for.

First off, Kratom definitely does not show up on any regular drug test. Drug tests vary from 5 panels to 12 panels, as can be seen in the below chart.

kratom drug test

Chart courtesy of tomo drug testing

The simplest drug tests include Marijuana, Opiates, PCP, Cocaine, and Amphetamines, and the most advanced standard test also includes Methamphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Methadone, Quaaludes, Propoxyphene, MDMA/MDA, and Oxycodone.

Can the 12 panel test can detect Kratom

Notably, not even the 12 panel test can detect Kratom, and the reality is no standard drug test looks for Kratom.

This means that you will never fail an employment drug test for taking Kratom. That being said, it is wise to not tell your employer that you are taking Kratom, since if you don’t tell them then they will never know.

As for probation/parole, they also use standard panel drug tests, and therefore Kratom will not show up on the standard urine test that they do.

kratom drug

However, to be 100% clear, people on probation/parole are not allowed to take Kratom, and taking Kratom can lead to jail/prison time. Indeed, people on probation/parole cannot even take alcohol, nor anything else that is psychoactive.

There are multiple ways someone can get busted for taking Kratom while on probation/parole. First off, if you tell your probation officer that you are using Kratom, they will send your urine sample in for an in-depth lab analysis, and Kratom will be detected.

Indeed, there are now standard procedures for lab testing urine for Kratom. To be clear, these are never included in a standard panel drug test, but if a probation/parole officer sends the urine sample to the lab, it will be tested for.

buy kratom

Another way to get busted is if you take a ton of Kratom before visiting your probation/parole officer, since officers are trained to detect any sort of intoxication.

Also, probation/parole officers can show up at your house at any time, and if they find Kratom in your house or see that you’re visibly altered because you took a lot of Kratom, then you’re busted.

Finally, probation/parole officers can randomly send your drug test for a lab for no reason at all, especially if you are court ordered to pay for drug tests.

kratom capsules

Considering all of this, I truly recommend that you do not take Kratom during probation/parole. Some people might be able to get away with it, but it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

Thus, when it comes to employment drug tests there is almost zero chance that Kratom will ever be tested for, but for probation/parole taking Kratom is a bad idea, since if the drug test is ever sent to the lab you will get busted.

Red Kratom

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Kratom alkaloids

kratom alkaloids

Kratom alkaloids

kratom alkaloids concentration percentages given come from different studies of alkaloid concentrations in Mitragyna speciosa– Kratom leaf. Some of the alkaloids given in this list still need to be studied more specifically in order to determine their potential activity.

List of Alkaloids

Ajmalicine (Raubasine): Cerebrocirculant, antiaggregant, anti-adrenergic (at alpha-1), sedative, anticonvulsant, smooth muscle relaxer. Also found in Rauwolfia serpentina.
Ciliaphylline: antitussive, analgesic. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Corynantheidine: μ -opioid antagonist, also found in Yohimbe. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Corynoxeine: Calcium channel blocker. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Corynoxine A and B: Dopamine mediating anti-locomotives. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Epicatechin: Antioxidant, antiaggregant, antibacterial, antidiabetic,
antihepatitic, anti-inflammatory, anti-leukemic, antimutagenic, antiperoxidant,
antiviral, potential cancer preventative, alpha-amylase inhibitor. Also found in dark chocolate.
9-Hydroxycorynantheidine: Partial opioid agonist
7-hydroxymitragynine: Analgesic, antitussive, antidiarrheal; primary
psychoactive in Kratom, Roughly 2% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Isomitraphylline: Immunostimulant, anti-leukemic. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Isomitrafoline: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Isopteropodine: Immunostimulant
Isorhynchophylline: Immunostimulant. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Isospeciofoline: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Mitraciliatine: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Mitragynine: Indole alkaloid. Analgesic, antitussive, antidiarrheal, adrenergic, antimalarial,
possible psychedelic (5-HT2A) antagonist. Roughly 66% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Mitragynine oxindole B. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Mitrafoline: < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Mitraphylline: Oxindole alkaloid. Vasodilator, antihypertensive, muscle relaxer, diuretic, antiamnesic, anti-leukemic, possible immunostimulant. <1% of total alkaloid contents in Kratom leaf.
Paynantheine: Indole alkaloid. Smooth muscle relaxer. 8.6% to 9% of total alkaloid contents in Kratom leaf.
Rhynchophylline: Vasodilator, antihypertensive, calcium channel blocker,
antiaggregant, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-arrhythmic, antithelmintic. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
Speciociliatine: Weak opioid agonist. 0.8% to 1% of total alkaloid content of Kratom leaf, unique to Kratom.
Speciogynine: Smooth muscle relaxer. 6.6% to 7% of total alkaloid contents of Kratom leaf.
Speciophylline: Indole alkaloid. Anti-leukemic. <1% of total alkaloid contents of Kratom leaf.
Tetrahydroalstonine: Hypoglycemic, anti-adrenergic (at alpha-2)

Mitragyna speciosa Kratom alkaloid content varies quantitatively from geographical location, and from month to month, at different leaf harvest times, which has lead some teams (Shellard et al. in the 1970s) to conclude that there may be different geographical variants within the same species.

red and green/ white leaved plants

The Chelsea College Pharmacognosy Research Laboratories collected thirty samples of Kratom from Thailand, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea between 1961 and 1970. All contained mitragynine, but also proved to have considerable variation in the alkaloid makeup. For red and green/ white leaved plants of Thailand, the most common alkaloidal profile was mitragynine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, paynantheine, traces of ajmalicine, traces of (C9) methoxy-oxindoles, and traces of other indoles.

Thai Strains

Yet other Thai plants contained distinct alkaloidal profiles, some with many more alkaloids. In the Malay specimens, one contained mitragynine, speciofoline, and other indoles and oxindoles, while others contained mitragynine, ajmalicine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, paynantheine, traces of indoles, and (C9) methoxy-oxindoles. Specimens from Papua New Guinea contained mitragynine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, paynantheine, specionoxeine, and isospecionoxeine.


Prior to the late 1990’s, nearly all chemical studies of Kratom activity focused on mitragynine with the assumption thatmitragynine was the main active alkaloid. With 7-hydroxymitragynine now clearly identified out as the principal psychoactive alkaloid in Kratom, many elements of these studies need to be revised.

Malay Kratom

Takayama et al. also found that Thai and Malay Kratom had the alkaloids mitragynine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, paynantheine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in common. In both Thai and Malay samples, mitragynine was the most abundant alkaloid, yet it made up 66% of the total alkaloid in the Thai Kratom sample, while it made up only 12% of the alkaloids from the Malaysian sample. The Malay Kratom sample had mitragynaline and pinoresinol as major components, as well asmitralactonalmitrasulgynine and 3,4,5,6-tetradehydromitragynine.


Working with the leaves of Malay Mitragyna Kratom plants, the Houghton and Said team found 4 new types of indole alkaloids (corynantheidaline, corynantheidalinic acid, mitragynaline and mitragynalinic acid), in very young leaves.

These new alkaloids were reported as having an unusual skeleton, with a carbon function at the C14 position (in comparison with previously known monoterpenoid indoles), but another research team, lead by Pr. Takayama, later revised the structure of the mitragynaline and corynantheidaline alkaloids, showing that there was actually no substitution on the 14 position.

Varieties of Kratom

The variety of alkaloids discovered in diverse Kratom samples to this day still calls for further studies and experimentation, investigating their specific activity, effects and potential applications.

Mitragyna speciosa

Through its makeup and tradition of use, it is clear Mitragyna speciosa Kratom is much more than a simple opioid-like narcotic and mild stimulant. Many of the secondary chemicals found in Mitragyna speciosa Kratom are present in small yet appreciable quantities, and their synergetic role and activity in the general pharmacology of Mitragyna speciosa Kratom is not yet fully understood, as thorough research has only just begun.

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Kratom And Your Blood Pressure

Kratom And Your Blood Pressure

Kratom And Your Blood Pressure

Kratom is known for its health benefits and therefore users often vouch for its efficacy as a health supplement. However, kratom can impact users’ blood pressure while energizing and stimulating the nerves and improving mood.

Kratom is a lesser-known organic substance and many people who want to use it often feel reluctant about trying kratom products.

This lack of knowledge is due to little research on this substance. However, people who use it as a pain killer, anti-depressant or anti-inflammatory, claim that it is the best thing that happened to them!

Several users say that kratom is in itself, a good remedy for hypertension. All the symptoms that cause an increase in blood pressure can be treated with kratom.

For instance, anxiety, palpitations and an increase in metabolism may add to the rise in blood pressure. All these symptoms are addressed with regular kratom use, thus an indirect implication of kratom being good for hypertension becomes valid!

What causes kratom to be so impactful is the alkaloid content. The two most prominent and impact alkaloids in kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

These two alkaloids generate several effects in users as they react with the opioid receptors in the brain. The most common effects of these alkaloids are:

The results of kratom vary with individuals. Having said this, the users’ experiences are enough to show that kratom not only helps with chronic pain but also invigorates and energizes the body in a way that you can revolutionize your lifestyle!

What Is High Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure

Hypertension or increased blood pressure is the diligent pulse point of 140/99 mmHg or above for adults.

Below this pressure, the circulatory strain is considered normal. It may be an inherited trait of the body, or individuals might have a lifestyle or eating habits that lead to hypertension.

Whatever the reason for your hypertension, you must remain cautious when consuming any organic or dietary supplement.

Kratom has impacted people differently, and while some sing praises, others might have experienced an increase in blood pressure.

Hypotension or low blood pressure is observed when the diligent pulse point is lower than 90/60 mmHg. When taken in optimum amount, kratom does not cause lower blood pressure.

At higher dosages, it is observed to contribute to a rise in hypertension. This inference implies that hypotension remains unaffected by kratom.

The organic substance corrects organ functions and stabilizes the body. This property shows that the change in blood pressure is unlikely to be a cause of kratom.

The organic supplement soothes the body, therefore, an increase in blood pressure seems highly unlikely to be a side effect of kratom.

Symptoms Of High And Low Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure can either be high or low. The best way to identify is by measuring it with a blood pressure instrument.

Those people who have high blood pressure do not feel any symptoms; however, if your blood pressure is continuously rising, then you can feel a lot of changes in your physical health.

For instance, nose bleeds, black-outs, trouble breathing, headaches, vision problems and fits are the most common symptoms of high blood pressure.

On the contrary, if you have low blood pressure, then you might feel dizzy, nauseous, confused, irregular heartbeat or have blurry vision. So, if you think of any of these symptoms, then you might want to see a doctor.

Several symptoms are associated with kratom, and fluctuation in blood pressure is not directly one of them.

The truth is that it is a dietary supplement that has helped millions of people come over health issues.

People with hypothyroidism, pigmentation, weight gain and other complications have to be careful with every medication or natural supplement.

However, once users learn how to set their kratom dosage, they will understand that kratom is not the reason for any blood pressure issue.

Kratom And Blood Pressure: The Connection

Users often want to know if kratom impacts blood pressure, and we aim to find the connection logically.

To understand how kratom may impact blood pressure fluctuation, we need to understand a few factors.

The alkaloids in kratom bring about a few physiological changes such as the expansion of circulatory strain. You must have often heard that kratom behaves like an opiate.

One of the similarities is that when kratom is taken in large amounts, it may relieve pain but the rise in blood pressure is observed in many users.

This unavoidable experience may contradict the research on numerous types of kratom that are supposed to be euphoric in high quantity.

However, if a person suffers from hypertension, it is pertinent to keep a check on the dosage to avoid any undesirable effects.

Stimulation, mood changes, increase in energy and even anti-depressant properties of this botanical substance are observed when consumed in moderate amounts.

Pain relief and euphoria are associated with high dosage but through user experiences, we get to know that blood pressure rises as your dosage goes up!

Kratom has several other alkaloids such as the mitraphyline. Each alkaloid contributes to some health benefits.

The body muscles relax, and even the walls of blood vessels expand when our brain reacts to these alkaloids.

This interaction results in lowering of the blood pressure. It may be noted that it is this reaction of the human body to kratom that has caused a lot of controversies.

The FDA does not recognize the medicinal benefits of kratom and terms it as a drug. This classification is due to the ability of kratom to lower blood pressure just like opiates do.

Blood Pressure & Kratom Connection According To Research

A study by the Mahidol University, Bangkok concluded that people who used kratom experienced a rise in heart rate and blood pressure.

However, with this change, the on-set of kratom was also increased to eight hours. However, with slight changes to dosage, this increase in blood pressure can be easily avoided.

The study also included that the age, activity level and stress level of the user must also be taken into account!

You can find out a lot of user reviews on social media and interactive platforms. You will observe that a lot of people who take around 15mg of kratom every day, claim that they experience a high blood pressure after a few hours of consumption.

On the contrary, people who consume a smaller amount experience stable pulse and blood pressure recording.

Another research paper from the National Institute of health also discussed the impact of kratom on the posterior reversible leukoencephalopathy syndrome. This syndrome is associated with hypertension and several other health concerns.

The subject of the observation experienced high blood pressure due to a heavy dosage of kratom. Under observation, the subject’s vital signs normalized in five days.

Interference Of Kratom With Medicines

Some medicines break down in the liver and kratom might impact the pace at which the breaking down occurs.

In case of kratom in the system, there may be chances of how the medicine gets absorbed into the blood stream and the consequent effects may get nullified or enhanced.

Some common medicines for hypertension are Zestril, Prinivil, and Lotensin. If a person uses kratom along with the medication for hypertension, there is a chance that the effects of the medicine are enhanced!

Therefore, it is always advised that before taking kratom or changing medication, hypertension patients must consult a physician or a health practitioner.

Is Blood Pressure Fluctuation Felt After Kratom Use?

The lowering of blood pressure relieves pain as well and makes the user feel peaceful, tranquil, and rested. Simultaneously, it also results in a relaxed and happier person who does not let worries take over.

This impact of kratom is desirable, but does it favor all those who suffer from low blood pressure or hypertension?

For clarity on this, we must review the feedback of kratom users. Since the research on kratom is limited, the user reviews provide an excellent insight into how kratom impacts people who have blood pressure issues.

What Does Medical Expert Say About This Issue?

A very recent article on the Harvard Health Blog by Dr. Peter Grinspoon discussed the efficacy and dangers of kratom. Dr. Grinspoon wrote that if users are aware of their optimal dosage, the risk of any side effect automatically finishes.

The freshness of kratom also plays an integral part in the impact of the substance, and therefore, users must ensure that their kratom dose is free from contamination or mold.

Secondly, the Harvard doctor also mentioned that users must study about kratom so that they are aware of its impact. Knowledge can help avoid any adverse effects.

Another factor that the doctor pointed out was that there should be more research on kratom so that users are fully aware of its benefits and side effects.

While the article does not suggest that kratom causes blood pressure increase, hypertension patients must avoid an overdose and maintain a minimum daily kratom feed.

Higher The Dosage, The Higher The Blood Pressure?

According to the reviews of users, kratom leads to a rise in blood pressure in some individuals.

As mentioned before, there is no scientific backing but users have felt a rise in heart rate and blood pressure.

Hypertension from kratom is linked with the amount of the organic substance that you consume. If you maintain a lower dosage, all unwanted side effects will diminish.

The blood vessels dilate and the users must feel tranquil and pain-free after using kratom, but if the dosage is high, this effect is reversed and users feel a rush in terms of heartbeat and blood pressure.

An optimum dose of 5mg is safe, however, larger doses may interfere with hypertension.

As you consume kratom, the blood pressure rises after few hours as on-set is experienced.

The blood rush is for a few hours only, but people suffering from hypertension might feel uncomfortable due to this unwanted rise.

This effect is one of the reasons that dosage remains an essential part to consider when taking kratom.

A Single Dose Can Make A Difference

Unlike pharmaceutical medication, natural supplements can help normalize blood pressure. Kratom can tranquilize the nerves and keeps the blood pressure in check as long as the dosage is moderate.

A single dosage of kratom can help keep the blood pressure in check, especially if you opt for the Red Bali kratom or white vein kratom types.

If the kratom strains impact users by tranquilizing and mood enhancement, blood pressure remains normal. There can be an increase in pulse and blood pressure after a few hours of consumption, but that is not a universal impact and varies with individuals.

Common User Reviews

Kratom users agree that a hefty dose of kratom will contribute to a rise in blood pressure as the circulatory system strain increases.

This rise in blood pressure is one of the reasons that a limited dose of kratom is advised. When consumed in lower doses, kratom only relaxes the body, and internally, the blood vessels also relax to ease the flow of blood.

As mentioned earlier, this feedback was of majority users. However, some kratom consumers also said that their blood pressure remains normal when they take kratom.

There is a spike in their pulse rate and blood flow once the effect of kratom starts to wear out.

One user said that he took kratom for spinal cord injury, his blood pressure started dropping, and blood sugar levels also normalized. Another consumer reported that her blood pressure was not.

This variance of experience shows that kratom will impact users in different ways, but high blood pressure to the extent of discomfort is not a side effect of this organic supplement.

Now, we can consider the various known effects of kratom and observe how the circulatory strain is effected during each activity. This way, we can more comprehensively understand how blood pressure changes when a person consumes kratom.

Pain Relief And Blood Pressure

The opioids and non-steroidal pain killers available in the market, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, increase blood pressure due to the signaling systems of the body.

Moreover, they hamper the efficacy of hypertension medication, therefore resulting in a risky increase in blood pressure.

Water retention caused by these pain killers is also a reason that the user may experience higher blood pressure.

Kratom, in comparison, is an organic supplement that is known for its painkilling properties.

However, it does not cause any of the hindrances that the drugs mentioned above may cause. Kratom users may feel a slight change in their blood pressure, but it does not hamper the function of medication!

How Antidepressants Can Affect Blood Pressure

The study states that the use of tricyclic -antidepressants and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors causes high blood pressure to rise. Often patients of hypertension are advised not to rely on such medication.

Kratom, on the contrary, has a lesser impact on blood pressure changes and the slight changes that are observed may be harmless for people who take medication.

There is insufficient research on the impact of kratom on blood pressure. People often assume that the effects of kratom can suggest that the body undergoes the same changes that are seen when a patient takes any pharmaceutical drug for the same symptom.


Kratom does not drastically interfere with blood pressure medicines but since all users are different, it is best to consult a physician.

A majority of kratom users feel as if their blood pressure reduces and then normalizes as the impact of kratom wears off, but it is not a dangerously low or high change in the pressure.

If you are a hypertension patient, it is recommended that you start taking kratom in a low dose and gradually find the right daily dosage.

Similarly, if you are a hypotension patient, you must try to limit your kratom consumption to the optimum.

Try to reach the optimum dosage through a gradual increase. Find the right amount of kratom that will keep you motivated, energized, and pain-free, without any adverse effect on blood pressure.

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best kratom for anxiety

best kratom for anxiety

How Kratom Works for Anxiety and Depression

Kratom is a natural herb that works similarly to opioids. best kratom for anxiety. The substance itself isn’t opioid. Its, yet, effects are quite like those of codeine and morphine. But, Kratom isn’t as addictive as these sedatives. The beneficial and active ingredient present in all the Kratom strains is Mitragynine. It binds to the brain opioid receptors producing the sedating pain relief effect.

This is effective to treat both physical and mental anxiety symptoms. In general, anxiety is a complex condition that is subjective in most cases. There are some common physical anxiety symptoms such as increased heart rate, sweating, and restlessness. The common symptoms include lack of concentration, a sense of panic, and nervousness. Kratom deals with these symptoms the same way.

Sedative Effects Make You Calm

You can benefit a lot when you take the best Kratom for depression and anxiety the right way. The calming effect of Kratom makes the user confident and relaxed. It’s an ideal way to negate some physical symptoms of anxiety. The sedating effect allows you to see everything positively.

What’s more, Kratom’s sedative effect will calm your mind. You start feeling motivated and optimistic. When you’re feeling motivated and full of optimism, you no longer have social anxiety. When that happens, you get comfortable speaking in public or a meeting. The depressive disorder goes away, and all the symptoms disappear. It also gets more convenient to handle your routine.

Raise Productivity

The best Kratom for anxiety, both kratom strains, and veins, can work wonders. But, if you tinkle with any Kratom strain’s dosage, you can get the calming effect and relaxation. The alkaloids present in Kratom strains are also known to improve productivity levels.

Kratom effects also help in calming your nerves and taking away your sadness. As anxiety treating product, it soothes your mind by convening your brain receptors you’re doing fine. That is when you start feeling confident and motivated. As simple as it seems, Kratom effects can do the magic.

Kratom treats Mental Health Issues

Kratom is also ideal for calming down patients with mental health disorders and mental health issues. It’s ideal for handling the anxiousness and nervousness of these patients. The healing alkaloids in Kratom induce stabilizer concentration feeling. The treatment works well with brain chemistry imbalance. It can also help any person feared to be of self-harm by causing optimism and the calming effect.

If you’re having intimacy issues, you can also use Kratom. It will take away all your stress, anxiety, and depression. Next, you gain sex hormones using its healing alkaloids, and the benefits can be marvelous.

What is the Best Kratom for Pain and Anxiety?

Red vein and Green vein kratom are the best kratom strains for pain and anxiety. According to Kratom users, the two have a high-potency on alkaloids. They have healing alkaloids with an ideal amount of sedation and stimulation. However, red strains are more potent for analgesic and sedative alkaloids which make them best for pain. While green strains have a mixture of alkaloids present in white and red veins which makes them best for anxiety and mood enhancement.

When you take a Green vein or Red vein of kratom for anxiety, you get the best potency and effectiveness. What’s more, you’re guaranteed of a mood boost, mood elevation, stimulation, calming effect, and pain relief.

Now let’s find out which strains are reliable for anxiety relief.

Best Kratom Strains For Anxiety

1. Borneo Kratom

Borneo Kratom is one of the most popular and recommended Kratom for depressive disorder management. It has also won many Kratom users’ hearts. If you’re looking for the best Kratom strain for anxiety, well, Borneo is the product to try out. We have come across lots of positive reviews on it taking away anxiousness for better sleep. But, it has some smaller side effects compared to other Kratom strains.

2. Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom well handles nervousness and restlessness. It’s an excellent Kratom strain for people needing productivity enhancement all day long. What’s more, it offers the user a stabilizer concentration feeling, taking away the sadness thoughts. That helps in bettering concentration and mood enhancement at the same time, giving you optimism thoughts. It’s an excellent Kratom strain for increasing your physical and mental working capacities.

3. Red Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is one of the most highly purchased among all Kratom strains, mainly because it is an all-rounder Kratom strain. That means that it does not have one single attribute that it excels at, but it can provide a bit of benefit in every area. For example, the red Bali strain can provide pain relief and anxiety relief in moderation. Other than that, this strain also puts a far smaller dent in the pocket as compared to different, more potent strains.

4. Indo Kratom

It’s one of the most sought after best Kratom for social anxiety. It can help you with social anxiety, depression, pain relief, relaxation, as well as mood elevation. Its potency is high, like that of Borneo Kratom strains. The green vein and red vein of Indo Kratom has been said to take away sadness and panic disorder. But, the sedative properties of this Kratom strain is lower compared to its counterpart.

5. Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da Kratom is the strongest kratom that is popular for its analgesic effects. It’s a Kratom strain well-known for its excellent pain-relief benefits and mood boost. As a high potency Kratom strain, it can deal best with social anxiety. Why? With its mood enhancement and concentration attributes, it takes away anxiousness. That will allow you to communicate better and free, no worries. It also has energizing benefits lifting away sadness, giving your brain some optimism.

Dosing Kratom for Anxiety

The effect of Kratom differs depending on the dose, vein, and potency of the Kratom strain. In general, the right dosage depends on how strong you feel the effects. Yet, all Kratom strains are known to cause energizing effects at low doses. At higher doses, you get sedative and stimulating effects.

Most of the time, the best Kratom for anxiety and depression works best at the lowest effective dose. But, it can differ with the user and the Kratom strain, not forgetting Strain vein. We recommend you take some experimentation to find your ideal dose.

But, a daily dose of between 2-4 grams a day is ideal for anxiety and depression management. It’d be best to start with lower doses and work your way up to gain excellent benefits. Many long-term Kratom users testify of positive effects with a gradual dose increase.

In general, higher kratom dosage is efficient in treating extreme anxiety and depression symptoms. The ideal dosage depends on the user’s sex, health, age, and any underlying health conditions. There are no recommended dose guidelines that are perfect for everyone. Kratom still requires a lot of research before it’s available as a pharmaceutical aid.

You need to take it slow and gradual to find the perfect direction for yourself. There is a lot of research yet to be done on the usage of Kratom. However, the enormous reviews on Kratom for anxiety and depression say it’s quite a useful product.

Kratom Dosage Chart for Anxiety

CategoryKratom Dose for AnxietyEffects
Low to Moderate1 to 4 gramsIncreases energy as well as focus
Anxiety & Depression Relief
High Dose5 to 8 gramsopioid-like effects (high)
Pain relief & Extreme anxiety relief
May Increase on the risk of side effects
RiskyAbove 9 gramsIncrease the chances of severe side effects

Best Way to Take Kratom for Anxiety

The most common and the best form to take Kratom for anxiety that we can recommend is capsule or powder. These are the most common forms that you can buy. The two are also ingested faster, making you feel the effect quicker. Other vendors sell extracts and tablets, but few, so finding one is tough.

You can take the capsules the same way to take medications, with a glass of water, of course. Why do we recommend the Kratom capsules? They have precise doses, and they’re easy to take. What’s more, the Kratom capsules need little time to prepare.

You may also decide to take it inside your tea by adding Kratom powder in it. What we know is, tea possesses synergistic effects with Kratom. Taking tea with Kratom boosts the anti-anxiety effect of the two substances.

The fact that tea is easy to make and also drink, it adds some convenience to using it this way. What’s more, the L-Theanine found in green tea administers calming effects. The effects can be more profound when you combine it with Kratom.


Yes, Kratom can be quite beneficial for anxiety and depression. But, on some occasions, it can also make things worse. With stress being a complex condition, Kratom –a complex substance, can make it more complicated than it is already.

The lack of exhaustive research on Kratom tells you to take the right precaution. It’s not yet FDA approved for use as a pharmaceutical drug.

If you have health complications, severe anxiety or depression, mental health issues, and other health problems, speak with your doctor. Do not try to self-medicate with Kratom without an assurance from your doctor.

It’s for sure a product that’ll offer you something to treat anxiousness and depression symptoms. But, it can worsen some mental health disorders or cause brain chemistry imbalance.

As mentioned before, do experiment with small doses of kratom. Work your way up, especially if you are new kratom. It can take time, but it’s necessary. Take it slow to avoid tolerance.


Kratom is by far a natural remedy for many things. But, the lack of conclusive research and not being FDA approved makes it less famous as a drug. Today, lots of users use the product for pain relief, sleeplessness, and anxiety and depression disorder management. Others use it for mood enhancement. The industry has lots of Kratom strains and veins to buy.

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red maengda kratom effects

red maengda kratom effects

red maengda kratom effects

Though red maengda kratom effects is widely available in most parts of the world, there are still many users who are unaware of the broad array of Kratom strains. Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular red strains that is extremely potent and unique, providing the ultimate experience for users.

This article covers a comprehensive guideline about the use of Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom, its effects, the difference from other strains, dosage and even limitations.

Where Does Red Vein MaengDa Kratom Originated?

Compared to others, the Maeng Da strain has a unique history. Maeng Da is believed to originate from Thailand, which is the center of Kratom cultivation before it spread out throughout Southeast Asia.

Some people thought that this strain was genetically modified, however, it is bred through the process called ‘grafting’, merging two plants, in order to enhance the properties.

What Makes Red Maeng Da Unique from Other Strains?

Red vein Maeng Da is considered as the most potent type among all three leaf types. The Maeng Da strain has three types of leaf – red, green and white. red maengda kratom effects are popular.

The white vein has a refreshing and energizing effect, which is a good option to start the day. Many users choose it to help with their insomnia and have a restful quality sleep.

On the other hand, the green vein is believed to balance emotions and improve mood, producing a pleasant inner sensation. The Green vein isn’t as popular as red vein although some users get it for brainpower.

The Red vein Maeng is much intense, potent and stronger than the rest. The effect is also much longer, which is the reason why many people like to try it.

What Can You Expect from Using Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom?

Red Maeng Da usually comes in capsule and powder form. It is up to the user to choose which form of leaf Kratom to try. For some people, capsule form offers the best red Red Vein experience.

The unique alkaloids present in Red Maeng Da falls between a medium-high amount of pantetheine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Such reason makes this Maeng Da Kratom strain offer a broad array of effects or experience.

Below is the list of the possible affects you can expect from using Red Vein Maeng Da:

  • Analgesic effect. Users with chronic pain illness can benefit from using this strain as it can help alleviate pain sensation, especially for those suffering painful muscles and joints.
  • Improves mood. The relaxing, energizing effect of Red Maeng Da can elevate the mood, eliminating all the negative thoughts and helping the user better cope up with stress.
  • Boosts energy. Users reported a significant boost in their energy level after taking this strain. They still feel energetic even after a long, busy day.
  • Stimulation. It offers the optimal stimulation.
  • Stress relief. Along with improved mood, many users reported that it can help reduce stress level, both psychologically and physically.
  • Cognitive boost. It can help enhance your cognitive power by reigniting your mental faculties.
  • Anti-anxiety and antidepressant. The relaxation and pleasant inner feeling that this strain offers help you cope up with severe anxiety. But it requires a specific dosage. It is a natural antidepressant that can be beneficial for your mood without the side effects.
  • Euphoria. In high dosage, it can stimulate a strong sedating feeling and happiness.

What is the Suggested Dosage for Red Maeng Da Capsules?

Each person has different levels of response to a certain drug or herb. For this reason, we cannot provide an accurate dosage for Red Maeng Da, particularly if you want to achieve a specific effect. Below are the tip and suggested dosage we gather from user guides and user experiences.

When dosing Red Maeng Da, the general guideline is to match the dosage with the effect you desired. There are two reasons for a person to use Maeng Da Kratom. First is for medicinal purposes – stress relief, pain relief or for recreational reasons such as euphoria or stimulation.

As for the medicinal benefits, the dosage recommendation is standard, which is often in a lower dosage of 2 to 4 grams. Such dosage works for most people. In capsule form, taking four capsules with 0.5grams potency can satisfy this amount.

On the other hand, the recreational effect requires more dosage. Most people take 3 to 4 grams of Maeng Da to achieve a euphoric and pleasant effect but it is better to begin with a lower dose and work your way up.

These dosage ranges vary individually, especially if the people take Kratom on a regular basis. The effect may also vary depending on the user’s drug history and body weight. The suggested dosage range mentioned above is for people above 18 years of age and with moderate weight.

Elderly and obese or overweight users may not achieve the exact experience for this dose. A user may increase the dose by 0.5 grams for every 10kg extra weight.

General Guidelines When Using Red Maeng Da

Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom is a highly dosage sensitive herb in terms of effects. When it comes to the effect, these Kratom strains differ based on the amount of dosage. When the dose is increased, the benefits or effects increase too.

Below are some details on how to use Red Maeng Da Kratom:

Red Maeng Da is a popular strain and many people prefer this, especially in capsule form. Unlike other preparations like resin, tincture and leaf powder, the capsule form contains an accurate amount, which is beneficial for those who need to determine the exact dosage. red maengda kratom effects for everyone.

There are only a number of Kratom strains known for delivering a unique, powerful experience. Maeng Da is one of them. The red strain is so intense that a lot of Kratom users consider it as the original Kratom. However, the high strain works well when taken in the appropriate amount. If the dose is too high or low, it won’t provide your desired effect.

Based on online discussions among various Kratom circles, anything less than 1.5 grams won’t offer any significant effect. This dosage isn’t enough and may give off a feeling that Red Maeng Da is not working. Hence, it is better to begin with a little higher dose of 2.0 grams. This dose is ideal to give an energy boost and stimulation.

When using the capsule form, each capsule contains 500mg dosage. So for 2 grams dosage, you only need to take 4 capsules to reach its ideal potency. This is way easier than measuring and weighing 2 grams of powder.

Taking a high dose of Kratom may seem fascinating but this doesn’t offer so much benefit. Taking too much does not always mean achieving the best experience. Just like other herbs, you must avoid using a high dose of Red Maeng Da. Taking more than 7 grams is already risk and beyond 10 grams is highly unsafe.

Unlike other Maeng Da strains, the red vein has a longer effect. Most users claim that the effect can last up to 10 hours in some cases. However, the average duration of effect is 5 to 6 hours, which is better than other native Kratom strains.

When used for medicinal purposes, results are more effective when taken on an empty stomach. Avoid taking red Maeng Da capsule after a heavy meal as it can delay the effect.

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How Kratom is Helping MMA Fighters Deal with Pain

Kratom is Helping MMA Fighters

How Kratom is Helping MMA Fighters Deal with Pain Anyone who has ever entered an MMA ring as a contender knows first-hand what pain is. Sometimes you get a little of it, and sometimes it gets dished out to you in an unholy barrage of agonizing blows. One thing is for sure: in the world of Mixed Martial Arts combat, pain is a consistently common denominator.

When fighters recover from tough bouts, high on their list of priorities is healing their injuries and managing pain so they can get back to training again and get back in the ring. There are numerous strategies for doing this, and one of them in particular is becoming more and more common within the MMA community. This strategy involves the use of an herb that has been used by native cultures in southeast Asia for hundreds of years.

This herb is called Kratom, and if you deal with pain at all, it’s an herb you need to know about.

What Exactly Is Kratom?

Kratom (pronounced KRAY-tom) is the name given to a species of tree that grows wild in places like Thailand and Malaysia. The botanical name for the tree is Mitragyna Speciosa, and its leaves contain a handful of unique plant alkaloids that have remarkable effects on the human body when ingested.

Two of these alkaloids—Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—are primarily responsible for the pain-killing effects of Kratom. After taking a small amount of powdered Kratom leaves, the user begins feeling the effects within 30 minutes to an hour.

For some, only a small amount of Kratom powder (a single teaspoon or less) is needed to feel the effects. For others, larger doses do a better job of stopping pain in its tracks.

In addition to pain relief, other effects of Kratom include:

Enhanced mood
Improved overall well-being
Heightened sense of awareness
Improved focus and cognitive ability
Sounder sleep
More sociable interpersonal interactions
Much more

Virtually all Kratom that is available for purchase in the United States and elsewhere comes from southeast Asia, where it grows naturally. Many Kratom vendors also sell Kratom extracts, which can pack a serious punch. These extracts are not suggested for first time Kratom users!

Different Kratom Strains and What They Do

Even though there is only one species of Kratom tree, there are numerous methods of harvesting and processing the Kratom leaves. These techniques yield slightly different alkaloid profiles, as well as leaf vein colorations.

The three main categories of Kratom leaf varieties are:

Red Vein. Red Vein kratom is for slowing things down. This strain is useful for relaxing and using as a sleep aid.

Green Vein. Green Vein kratom is great for motivation, optimism, and boosting mood.

White Vein. White Vein kratom is known as an ‘energizing’ strain. As such, this strain is often used earlier in the day so as not to disrupt sleep.

red maengda kratom effects

If you’re curious about how Kratom might benefit you, it’s suggested that you do your own independent research and determine the legality of Kratom where you live before buying some to try for yourself.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) sometimes referred to as cage fighting,[1] is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, made up from various combat sports and martial arts from around the world.[2] The first documented use of the term mixed martial arts was in a review of UFC 1 by television critic Howard Rosenberg in 1993.[3] The question of who actually coined the term is subject to debate.[4]

Kratom in MMA

During the early 20th century, various interstylistic contests took place throughout Japan and in the countries of the Four Asian Tigers. In Brazil, there was the sport of Vale Tudo, in which fighters from various styles fought with little to no rules. The Gracie family was known to promote Vale Tudo matches as a way to promote their own Brazilian jiu-jitsu style.[5] An early high-profile mixed martial arts bout was fought in 1951, between the judoka Masahiko Kimura and Brazilian jiu-jitsu founder Hélio Gracie in Brazil. In the West, the concept of combining elements of multiple martial arts was popularized by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do during the late 1960s to early 1970s. A precursor to modern MMA was the 1976 Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki bout, fought between boxer Muhammad Ali and wrestler Antonio Inoki in Japan, where it later inspired the foundation of Pancrase in 1993 and Pride Fighting Championships in 1997.

Kratom and blood pressure

MMA Kratom Use

In 1980, CV Productions, Inc. created the first regulated MMA league in the United States, called Tough Guy Contest, which was later renamed Battle of the Superfighters. The company sanctioned ten tournaments in Pennsylvania. However, in 1983 the Pennsylvania State Senate passed a bill prohibiting the sport.[6][7] In 1993, the Gracie family brought Brazilian jiu-jitsu, developed in Brazil from the 1920s, to the United States by founding the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) MMA promotion company. The company held an event with almost no rules, mostly due to the influence of Art Davie and Rorion Gracie attempting to replicate Vale Tudo fights that existed in Brazil[5] and would later implement a different set of rules (example: eliminating kicking a grounded opponent), which differed from other leagues which were more in favour of realistic fights.[8]

Kratom for anxiety

Originally promoted as a competition to find the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat, competitors from different fighting styles were pitted against one another in contests with relatively few rules.[9] Later, individual fighters incorporated multiple martial arts into their style. MMA promoters were pressured to adopt additional rules to increase competitors’ safety, to comply with sport regulations and to broaden mainstream acceptance of the sport.[10] Following these changes, the sport has seen increased popularity with a pay-per-view business that rivals boxing and professional wrestling.[11]

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3 Tips For Every New Kratom User

3 Tips For Every New Kratom User

Discovering Kratom for the first time can be an exciting adventure. Once you read the first stories you come across about the potential benefits that from Kratom, you might be itching to try it yourself.

Once you start your own research, however, you’ll quickly realize that the Kratom community can be overwhelming as well! Because Kratom’s popularity is a relatively new thing, there are only so many limited sources of information out there that you can get from. And you don’t yet know who is telling you the truth!

As a Kratom vendor, we believe that it is part of our responsibility to help spread true information. Even if you don’t decide to purchase anything from us, we’ll be happy that you gained some more insight into the world of Kratom.

Today, we’ll focus on three things that we think every new Kratom user should be aware of!

#1: Start Low Before Increasing

The most common question that Kratom newbies ask on forums and in their local Kratom shops is how much Kratom they should be taking. It’s natural that people want to know how much Kratom to take, but the problem is that the answers they often get are from Kratom pros.

When you’re first taking Kratom, you want to start with the lowest recommended amount for the particular form of Kratom that you are trying. Even if others are telling you that you will need to take more to have an effect, you don’t want to start off higher than you are prepared for.

If you start with a higher amount, there’s an increased chance that you’ll have more negative side effects.

You never know how your body is going to react to plant alkaloids like those in Kratom compared to someone else’s body. Depending on your diet, how you take the Kratom, and what variety you use, you might have a totally different reaction.

For that reason, you should always start with a small serving and then gradually increase the amount that you take as needed. As you gain experience with Kratom, you will be able to discern how much you want to be taking.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • • Start with half of the recommended serving
  • • Take this for a few days before you try anything else
  • • Gradually increase the amount

Don’t feel like you need to rush and take as much Kratom as you can the first time around. Doing this will only sour your overall experience with Kratom; gradually increasing your serving size as you gain experience is a much better option.

#2: Less Is Usually More

Another interesting thing to note about the way that Kratom interacts with your body is that the response between your body and Kratom is a bell curve.

What does this mean?

This means that taking less usually has a stronger response. If you take a very large amount of Kratom, the effect is weaker. In very small amounts, the effect isn’t apparent either. Instead, a mid-range serving is going to be most effective.

When you take a lot of Kratom in an attempt to amplify the effects that your body feels, you might actually just cause yourself to have negative side effects rather than benefits.

#3: Change It Up!

Once you’ve tried Kratom a few times, you might be happy with the results. You also might not be happy with them, but the thing that you need to remember is that there are a lot of different ways to enjoy Kratom. And there are many different types of Kratom out there that you can try. The only limitation to what you can experience is your creativity.

Don’t be bland; try changing it up!

Different Strains

The first thing that you’ll probably experiment with is strains of Kratom. There are many different strains.

From red vein to white vein, and blends of them both, each type of Kratom has different characteristics. After you try your first type of Kratom, order some samples of other types of Kratom and see how they can differ.

There are several differences among varieties, including duration, taste, and color.

For some consumers, they won’t have a strong preference for different types of Kratom and instead will be happy to use them all. Others will keep to one or two different varieties all the time. In the end, the choice is yours.

Different Preparation Methods

In addition to there being different types of Kratom that you can try, you can also try different forms of Kratom and preparation methods.

Kratom is available in many different forms:

  • • Powder
  • • Capsules
  • • Tablets
  • • Extracts

Each of these methods has its own specific pros and cons. While taking things like tablets, capsules, and gum are most convenient, teas and powder preparations give you the most flexibility in how you can adjust the flavor and serving size to suit your own personal needs.

Most people start with capsules or with loose leaf tea because they are the most popular preparation methods. While you can buy pre-made capsules, you can also purchase capsules and powder in bulk so that you can make them yourself. When you make the capsules yourself, you’ll be able to save money and make the exact serving size that you want them to be.

Kratom: A Great World to Explore!

We hope that today’s article has excited you about all of the possibilities that Kratom provides! Don’t let all of these options be overwhelming. Think of all that you can try when you explore everything that there is out there in the world of Kratom.

If you ever have questions about Kratom or our Kratom-based products, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re always here to help educate and inform our customers as best we can.

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Best Kratom Strains for Euphoria

Kratom Strains for Euphoria

Euphoria is one of the most noticeable effects of Kratom. Best Kratom Strains for Euphoria. Kratom euphoria is a significant effect for many Kratom enthusiasts. Best Kratom Strains for Euphoria Apart from this herb’s incredible health benefits, such distinct euphoric experience, which is a combination of energy and pleasure, is one of the many reasons why many people love Kratom. Most users described a pleasant feeling, seeping naturally in the mind and body.

Best Kratom Strains for Euphoria

So what’s the most effective Kratom strain when it comes to achieving a state of euphoria? This is an essential question for Kratom users, especially for first-timers. Not all Kratom strains are euphoric. There are many highly-stimulating strains that can induce euphoric activity.

What Is Euphoria?

Euphoria is a higher state of overall happiness, joy, pleasure, and well-being. It can also be a state of ecstasy, intense commitment, mental and physical excitement. You often feel this sensation in your life, like receiving great news, after a heavy workout or being in love. Thus, it’s a wonderful feeling that you have experienced and one that you yearn for.

Certain foods can induce the same effect and potentiate kratom euphoria, such as chocolate. Some herbs exhibit it too like Kratom. Many are curious on how Kratom strains can biologically provide this unique activity.

How Does Kratom Boost Mood or Causes Euphoria?

The naturally occurring alkaloids present in Kratom leaves help to achieve this euphoric effect. Alkaloids enter the bloodstream and bind to the opioid receptors within the cells. They stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which sends a signal to release endorphins. Endorphins, a type of neurotransmitter, provide the euphoric sensation and analgesic effect.

Users reported the following effects:

• Increase in overall level of energy and mood. It is a general mood enhancerHighly stimulated and calm state of mind

• Better focus and concentration, making complex tasks easy. Such an effect depends on the strain.

• Boost stamina and endurance. It is commonly used by laborers to endure the harsh work conditions.

Which Kratom strains give the euphoric feeling?

The effect of Kratom varies depending on the strain and the person’s level of tolerance. The white and green strains are the most popular for achieving high euphoric experience. Kratom leaves offer a certain stimulating feeling including those of the calming red strains of Kratom.

When it comes to boosting your mood, the following Kratom strains are the most effective:

White Borneo: Most popular among users who want a complete uplifting serenity. This strain is the top favorite for people looking for an all-over and all-around euphoric experience.

Green Malay: A traditional strain derived from Malaysia. It is famous for its deep euphoric experience that lasts for hours.

Maeng Da: A highly potent Kratom strain known to offer total euphoria. Majority of users reported it to have a fast onset, with great intensity of euphoria. With this effect, it is not advised for first-time Kratom users.

All these Kratom strains share the same alkaloids, but the quantity of the alkaloids differ. Among the highly active alkaloids include Mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Among the three, Maeng Da contains the maximum amount of the active alkaloids than the other strains. This is the reason why it is the most stimulating.

Dosage Required to Produce Euphoria

Any Kratom products have to be appropriately used to prevent any negative effects, and the same goes for euphoria Kratom. To induce a euphoric sensation and achieve the maximum benefit, proper dosage is required. In fact, with these strains of Kratom, you can achieve the experience in a more pleasant and better way if you reduce the dosage.

Most of the euphoric sensation can be achieved at the lower dose, between 1 and 3 grams. Moderate dosage, which ranges from 4 to 6 grams, can provide an intense quality of euphoria, along with a strong relaxation effect. Higher dosages, which range from 7 to 10 grams, can cause more sedative effects than euphoria.

Taking Kratom to feel the euphoric sensation isn’t the same as getting high forcibly or artificially. It is an herb to help you reconnect with your inner happiness and peace. Your body and mind may respond differently to varying dosages and strains, so it is best to start with a minimum dose. This may seem a bit off for some people, but it is actually how this wonderful herb works.

Can Euphoric Effects of Kratom Fight Depression?

Depression is a very serious yet highly common medical illness that puts a negative impact on the way you think, you feel and act. It can cause feelings of sadness, less interest in things and can also lead to a host of emotional and physical problems. 

It is important to note that our portion of inner peace or you may call it a happy place is covered by many layers of sadness and other ill feelings. You will have to penetrate through these layers to find happiness and bring it out in you again.

So when you take strains of kratom like Red Bali, Red Indo or others, you find yourself in a state of euphoria. This state helps you deal with your ill feelings, and you no longer feel sad which gives you a chance of improving yourself and finding happiness within you. 

Though it is not a very fast way of treating yourself but combined with other therapies for treating depression, this natural herb can surely help in speeding up the process of healing yourself.

Where to Buy Kratom Near Me?

If you have read the benefits of kratom when it comes to enhancing the mood and helping with depression then you may be wondering where to buy Kratom near me, well it’s very easy. You can just search “Kratom near me” on the search engine, and you will get a list of all Kratom stores within your vicinity.

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kratom near me


Mitragyna Speciosa — better known as Kratom — has a long history of use in traditional Southeast Asian medicine, namely Thailand and Malaysia. In America, this intriguing plant has been investigated for possible usefulness in a variety of different therapeutic applications. But, it’s also something of a controversial botanical, which can make finding high-quality and safe kratom more of a challenge. 

Where to Find Kratom?

Kratom isn’t something you’re likely to find at your local drugstore or health foods grocery, even if they do have a natural plant section with other botanicals available. 

Nor is there enough demand that you’ll likely find a kratom-specific retailer, even in places where it’s completely legal. While it’s theoretically possible for a dispensary-equivalent to exist for kratom, chances are you’ll have to resort to a head shop or smoke store if you want to buy from local vendors. But even then, you will be faced with the biggest issue of them all: Quality.

Your closest local source may seem like the best option, but it probably isn’t. That is why we have created this article to cover the best alternative: online stores.

Purchase Online:

This isn’t so much a way to find kratom near you as it is a way to have kratom delivered near you. Right now, at least in the United States, online retailers are the best and most consistent sources for kratom. 

That’s because their wider customer base makes it easier to rotate through their stock consistently. They also have a greater incentive to maintain a higher quality product for much the same reason. More people purchasing increases the likelihood that someone will know the difference between high and low-quality kratom, and will post a negative review if they get low-quality products. 

That combines to make the online marketplace significantly safer and more convenient than most in-store retailers. Not to mention that nothing is more convenient or nearby than a package delivered to your doorstep.

Purchasing from the best online kratom vendors also ensures you can get more when you need it. Smoke shops and other brick and mortar retailers are much more likely to run out and go days or weeks before getting a resupply. 

The last big advantage online retailers tend to have is that they can offer significantly more selection. Online vendors don’t have to worry about shelf space, and most online kratom shops understand that different types and cultivars of kratom are better for certain customers. 

Best Powder Supplier:OnlineKratom

The first website on our list proudly displays their lab-test credentials; OnlineKratom is a good option for individuals who are interested in exploring a wide variety of kratom powder. It’s also a reasonable source for retailers who are looking to add kratom products to their inventories. 

They offer a huge variety of red, white, and green varieties. This site also has the option of purchasing kratom in sample packs, which provides the opportunity to test different strains before committing to a larger order, only to realize it’s not a fit for you.

Powder is sold in 1 ounce to 250 gram weights. OnlineKratom boasts a massive product line of over 25 different strains, crushed leaf, soaps and even some specialty blends. 

This website is best for experienced kratom users who are looking to keep a supply around without having to constantly re-purchase. But they also offer a good quality product at similarly good prices. 

Learn more at

Largest Variety: OnlineKratom

OnlineKratom is a good resource for Kratom products. Interestingly, despite their site being divided between two different types of botanical, OnlineKratom  is also the best option for variety. 

If you haven’t quite found the right strain of Kratom for you, or want to try several different types of strains, this is a good resource.

All of their products are tested, so you know that you’re getting a high quality and safe final product.  

This retailer is also a good option if you’re looking for a range of different effects from your kratom. Because they have all three types in a variety of strains, you can get particular about which version is right for you. They also carry kratom capsules for those of you who do not enjoy the taste. And trust us, that is a huge portion of consumers.

This retailer also has the option of ordering in teabags, which can be a good choice for individuals who don’t want to make their own and don’t want to deal with the issues that come from making tea with powder.  

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Highest Quality: Kratom Fusions

Kratom Fusions is one of the most consistent and helpful sources for kratom in the online marketplace. They have high lab testing standards and carefully ensure that all of their products are carefully selected and maintained while in storage. 

That means that this supplier is the most likely to send you fresh, leafy, high-quality kratom. 

The higher quality assurance doesn’t come with a particularly higher price point either. The kratom from this supplier is still affordable, and prices are in line with other retailers for the same amount of product. 

They also sell red, white, and green varieties, and you can purchase kratom though you are largely limited to purchasing the kratom in powder form. They do also offer live-plant shipping, but the plants sell out fairly often. 

This is a good site to order from if the quality is your highest concern, you want to try a variety of different strains and types, or you’re looking for a smallish package to try before buying in quantity.  

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Google Maps:

Google Maps is one of the best resources for finding local stores that sell kratom. The app will quickly pull up any stores that advertise kratom in their stocks. Chances are, especially if you live in a metro area, you’ll get a selection of head shops and smoke stores. 

You may also get the occasional new age store or another resource, but smoke stores are by far the most common. (we’ll talk about the other options in detail, don’t worry.)

The biggest problem with Google Maps is that it’s hard to get reviews specifically related to kratom selection and quality. 

Headshops / Vape Shops / Gas Stations:

These retailers are generally the most common local source for kratom. These kratom stores are widely available, generally offer reasonable prices, and sell the other supplies you’ll want if you intend to smoke kratom. Admittedly though, smoking is one of the least popular and least controlled ways to ingest kratom. 

There are other problems with smoke stores, however, especially if you don’t already patronize these stores for other products. 

The biggest issue when it comes to local kratom is quality. All too often, smoke stores order a large bulk supply of kratom without a good sense of market demand or how much kratom they can reasonably sell quickly. 

With some other products, anything that is truly shelf-stable, ordering that way poses no problem. But kratom is best fresh, and quality can quickly decline if it’s kept in packaging and on shelves for too long. 

That doesn’t necessarily impact sales though, so kratom sellers have few incentives to keep a high-quality rotating stock instead of simply making another bulk order when they run out. 

The other quality issue is that smoke shops have an incentive to look for good deals when they order from kratom suppliers. That means that they might opt for a lower quality product, to begin with, making it even more likely you’ll receive less effective kratom if you purchase from a smoke store. 

It’s also hard to evaluate the quality of the product. Shiny packaging and other marketing tricks can make it difficult to see powdered kratom, the most commonly available variety, and prevents you from evaluating the product. You won’t be able to see the common signs of age or tell whether the powder is mostly leaves (good) or contains a high percentage of stems (bad). 

If you want to find kratom near you, and you want to buy from a brick and mortar store, see if you know anyone who uses kratom. Ask which store they use. The best recommendations come from experienced kratom users who’ve patronized the same store for 3-6 months or longer. 

You should also check the store website and see if they have lap testing numbers posted. Retailers are required to have their product tested, so the visibility of their test results can be an important indicator of quality. Kratom benefits list

Apothecaries and Herb Supplier Stores and Specialty Retailers:

The last place you can often find kratom is new age stores and apothecaries/herb suppliers. These stores are a fairly natural place to find kratom since it’s both a naturally occurring botanical and has been considered a plant-teacher for seeking greater enlightenment. 

While these stores can have a high-quality product, they can also have the same weaknesses and product problems as smoke shops. But, they might be a little more forthright if you ask how long their kratom has been in stock or in storage. 

Still, kratom purchased from this kind of store is a great way to get higher quality and fresh kratom and be able to speak to an expert. Kratom specialty Store

Different Varieties of Kratom:

We’ve mentioned that there are different varieties of kratom a few times now, but if you haven’t tried kratom before you might not know that there are different types of the plant in addition to different strains of kratom. 

The different types are based on the coloration of the veins in the leaves. While they are largely the same plant, the different minerals and plant compounds can change the effect of the plants. 

Red Veined:

Red-veined kratom is the most popular version of kratom. It grows widely throughout Southeast Asian, making it one of the more plentiful varieties rich in alkaloids, and also generally the type that is recommended for new kratom users since it’s generally calming. 

Like other kratom strains, it can produce stimulating effects at low doses and acts more like a sedative at higher doses. Throughout, though, red-veined kratom is considered calming with mild euphoria in addition to analgesic, or painkilling, properties. If you think this is the type for you consider a Borneo strain.

Green Veined:

Green-veined is often described as the middle ground between red and white varieties of kratom. It’s relatively mild, has the same pain-relieving effects, and can be stimulating or a sedative depending on the dose. 

Interestingly, people who prefer green kratom often note that the plant helps them feel more focused, motivated, and energized, at least in smaller quantities. A great option to consider would be Bali.

White Veined: 

White kratom is generally thought to be the most stimulant of the three, though it’s also calming, and some users report that it helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety as well as acting as a painkiller. Like green kratom, white kratom is thought to help with concentration and focus. A popular white strain is Maeng Da.

White kratom is also a mood booster, although you should be careful not to take it too close to bedtime because it’s more of a stimulant and can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. 

Multiple Kratom Preparations:

This one is less a requirement than a perk. But, just like a wide variety of kratom itself can be an indication of a high-quality source, so can a wide variety of preparations of the plant. Powdered is most common, but you can also buy kratom extract, tablets, capsules, and leaves, depending on your source. 

While you might not need multiple preparations of kratom, a selection is still an indication that the retailer knows what they are doing. 

Signs of a Good Retailer:

Of course, even when it comes to online retailers, there are good and bad options. We’ve found three of the best online retailers, and we’ll address each of them. But first, here are some ways you can tell a good kratom resource from a bad one. 

Lab Test Seals and Results are Posted:

A good retailer will make their lab result available whether they are primarily selling the product online or in stores. Online, each retailer should have some kind of lab certification displayed. 

Since cutting kratom with other, cheaper, and more dangerous, substitutes have become a problem in some areas, that certification is more important than ever. 

Wide Selection:

Online marketplaces are defined by their wide selection, but in this case, it’s also a sign of a quality retailer. Selection makes it possible to keep a stock on hand, even when the harvests are sparse or high demand for a particular cultivar strains supplies. 

When it comes to kratom, there are also wide differences between different varieties of the plant, making it even more important to offer a selection so people can choose the option best for them. 

Shows Pictures of the Actual Product:

One of the biggest problems with buying from in-person retailers is that they often don’t give customers a way to look at the actual product. Even if the kratom is sold in transparent packaging, shiny packaging, or a thick layer of plastic between you and the powder can mask color issues and other imperfections. 

While you can’t personally inspect the product from an online retailer, they do generally post photos of their product that give you a better idea of what to expect. Since those pictures are supposed to help generate business, they show a high-quality product. 

That transparency makes it easier to tell when the product you’ve received is the quality you were expecting. 

Good Customer Reviews + Customer Support Lines:

Everyone knows that customer support isn’t always the most fun thing to contact, but the existence of a customer support line does show that your kratom retailer stands behind their product and cares about their customers. And we would consider them to be the best kratom vendors. Otherwise, there isn’t much reason to allow people to complain about bad product quality or attempt to get a refund or replacement. 

Good customer reviews are another good way to measure an online retailer. A good retailer should not only have a lot of good reviews, but they should also have their customer reviews up somewhere visible and accessible to new customers. 

Look for reviews that talk about the quality of the product, ease of ordering, and other indications of good service. Comparative reviews that mention other companies are also a good thing since they tend to mean that the customer writing the review is more experienced and knows what they should be getting. Another great resource for reviews is I Love Kratom Forum and a new player in the industry — AlkaloidFinder is making some noise.

Lastly, look for responsiveness. Companies must reach out to their customers and say something when things go wrong. With modern shipping and a huge inventory, occasional problems are almost inevitable. Companies that take ownership and work to make a mistake right with their customers are the kind of companies you want to work with and source your kratom from. 

Legality of Kratom:

Several countries in Southeast Asia and Europe have restricted the use of the plant. Kratom is currently federally legal in the United States, but several states and local municipalities across the country have passed and enforced tighter restrictions. As of May 2020, purchasing kratom is prohibited in the following locations: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin. Sarasota County, Union County, Denver, San Diego.

The DEA and FDA have also talked about the possibility of regulating kratom on a federal level, which means that the legal future of the plant is still uncertain. Always make sure you know the legal status of kratom in your jurisdiction before you attempt to buy it. 

Chances are, kratom will only be locally available while it’s legal, but some retailers may not be informed of changes. So, even if you choose to buy from a local head shop or smoke store, product availability does not necessarily equate to legality.

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krato., Stagnant Strain Syndrome. What is it?


Let’s be honest. When you see the name Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom, you probably think it looks like little more than a barrage of buzz words all smashed together to create mass marketing hysteria.
You’re not wrong, at least not entirely. In recent years, an increasing number of vendors have taken advantage of the demand for stronger kratom by releasing products with all sorts of flashy and ridiculous names. Pissed Off Kratom and Gangsta Kratom immediately come to mind.
As enhanced kratom strains and kratom extract have become more and more mainstream, there has been a growing number of sketchy suppliers slinging second-rate UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo) and bogus “Ultra” powders.
If you visit any sizable headshop, the sheer number of kratom extracts will truly boggle your mind. But before you flip your lid or make any snap judgments about Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom, give my review a read and see if you don’t learn something worth knowing.

Maeng Da Kratom hails from a remote corner of Central Borneo where it is harvested by a proficient team of farmers with decades of experience in cultivation. This powerful cultivar has long been considered the strongest plain leaf strain, but longtime consumers have been searching for something with a bit more pizzazz.
Enter Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai , a potent variation that’s forged from the cuttings of an OG Thai cultivar. This Borneo favorite is not merely another tired smoke shop product, rather it is a superb blend of the classic Green MD.
Enhanced Maeng Da Thai (MDT) is optimized in the lab by extracting mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) directly from the old growth leaves of the kratom plant and infusing them back into the micronized powder.
Natural Enhanced True Thai can be distinguished from the pretenders by virtue of its unparalleled purity. Enhanced Thai Kratom tests lower for extraneous compounds than any other strain on the market. What’s more, it is more than 90% pure and at least 20% higher in the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-OH.
The result is a product that’s incredibly alleviating, inducing substantial tranquility while restoring natural endurance levels and mental faculties. In short, Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom puts the enhancement in Enhanced MD.
Since SEMT is extracted in-house, it is far cheaper than overseas extracts. This means that you won’t have to drain your bank account to buy bulk kratom powder. As a matter of fact, you can score four grams for under 20 bucks and believe you me, it’ll last ya!
Unlike the Bali Kratom Maeng Da Extract by Local Harvest, Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom is produced in large batches, making it the ideal choice for those who like to stock up for the winter. This is not your small batch kratom, so there’s always plenty in supply.

The grind is finely textured thanks to multiple rounds of sifting. This makes it perfect for on-the-go dosage or incorporation into a mixed drink.
After microdosing with this one, I found myself hammering out my to-do list in record time. My mood was elevated, my productivity was up and I felt fan-friggin-tastic! If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say it’s kind of like the THC-dominant Jillybean cannabis strain.
Like Jillybean, SEMT will emancipate your imagination and unleash virtually limitless potential. If you’re anything like me, it may just up your social game while putting some much-needed pep in your step.
Although kratom has not been approved for medicinal use, I found this particular formulation especially advantageous on a day when my back was acting up and I wasn’t really feeling my work. The next thing I knew, I was hammering out work projects like I was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Piece of cake.
The icing on top is the sweet fragrance which falls somewhere between floral and citrusy. Like most enhanced strains, SEMT is neither bitter nor hard-to-swallow. The microdose means that you’ll never trigger your gag reflex…unless you’re doing something very, very wrong.
As a relatively new formula, SEMT hasn’t had much of a chance to generate buzz, but those who have tried it waste no time in sharing their passion. One user on Reddit wrote, “So just tried some excellent super enhanced Maeng Da Kratom for the first time and WOW 😮. It was excellent. I usually just take Red Vein Thai for the sedative effects but this Maeng Da blew it out of the water.”
Another user echoed this sentiment, calling Super Enhanced Maeng Da “awesome.” Elsewhere, customers have awarded this one a four to five star rating, giving it major points for its serenity and mild invigoration.

As I mentioned earlier, a glut of vendors have been slapping fancy labels on substandard products and passing them off as something that they’re not. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of dealing with such brands, you’d do well to join one of the online kratom forum communities.
These forums enable you to research strains by brand and reputation. You’ll find user recommendations, vendor warnings and much, much more. As it happens, this is exactly how I first discovered SEMT and how I found the suppliers on my list.
Of all the sites selling variations on this formula, I’d point users to the following as the top 3 choices for Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai. These vendors are the real deal, consistently delivering quality items at an affordable price point.

For optimal potency and a protracted duration of effects, you can’t go wrong with SEMT. But always bear in mind that you’re dealing with mitragynine and 7-OH at profound levels. Practicing a bit of caution is imperative. Moderation is key. Be safe, be smart and be well.

Let’s be honest. When you see the name Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom, you probably think it looks like little more than a barrage of buzz words all smashed together to create mass marketing hysteria.
You’re not wrong, at least not entirely. In recent years, an increasing number of vendors have taken advantage of the demand for stronger kratom by releasing products with all sorts of flashy and ridiculous names. Pissed Off Kratom and Gangsta Kratom immediately come to mind.
As enhanced kratom strains and kratom extract have become more and more mainstream, there has been a growing number of sketchy suppliers slinging second-rate UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo) and bogus “Ultra” powders.
If you visit any sizable headshop, the sheer number of kratom extracts  will truly boggle your mind. But before you flip your lid or make any snap judgments about Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom, give my review a read and see if you don’t learn something worth knowing.

Maeng Da Kratom hails from a remote corner of Central Borneo where it is harvested by a proficient team of farmers with decades of experience in cultivation. This powerful cultivar has long been considered the strongest plain leaf strain, but longtime consumers have been searching for something with a bit more pizzazz.
Enter Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai , a potent variation that’s forged from the cuttings of an OG Thai cultivar. This Borneo favorite is not merely another tired smoke shop product, rather it is a superb blend of the classic Green MD.
Enhanced Maeng Da Thai (MDT) is optimized in the lab by extracting mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) directly from the old growth leaves of the kratom plant and infusing them back into the micronized powder.
Natural Enhanced True Thai can be distinguished from the pretenders by virtue of its unparalleled purity. Enhanced Thai Kratom tests lower for extraneous compounds than any other strain on the market. What’s more, it is more than 90% pure and at least 20% higher in the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-OH.
The result is a product that’s incredibly alleviating, inducing substantial tranquility while restoring natural endurance levels and mental faculties. In short, Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom puts the enhancement in Enhanced MD.
Since SEMT is extracted in-house, it is far cheaper than overseas extracts. This means that you won’t have to drain your bank account to buy bulk kratom powder. As a matter of fact, you can score four grams for under 20 bucks and believe you me, it’ll last ya!
Unlike the Bali Kratom Maeng Da Extract by Local Harvest, Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom is produced in large batches, making it the ideal choice for those who like to stock up for the winter. This is not your small batch kratom, so there’s always plenty in supply.

The grind is finely textured thanks to multiple rounds of sifting. This makes it perfect for on-the-go dosage or incorporation into a mixed drink.
After microdosing with this one, I found myself hammering out my to-do list in record time. My mood was elevated, my productivity was up and I felt fan-friggin-tastic! If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say it’s kind of like the THC-dominant Jillybean cannabis strain.
Like Jillybean, SEMT will emancipate your imagination and unleash virtually limitless potential. If you’re anything like me, it may just up your social game while putting some much-needed pep in your step.
Although kratom has not been approved for medicinal use, I found this particular formulation especially advantageous on a day when my back was acting up and I wasn’t really feeling my work. The next thing I knew, I was hammering out work projects like I was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Piece of cake.
The icing on top is the sweet fragrance which falls somewhere between floral and citrusy. Like most enhanced strains, SEMT is neither bitter nor hard-to-swallow. The microdose means that you’ll never trigger your gag reflex…unless you’re doing something very, very wrong.
As a relatively new formula, SEMT hasn’t had much of a chance to generate buzz, but those who have tried it waste no time in sharing their passion. One user on Reddit wrote, “So just tried some excellent super enhanced Maeng Da Kratom for the first time and WOW 😮. It was excellent. I usually just take Red Vein Thai for the sedative effects but this Maeng Da blew it out of the water.”
Another user echoed this sentiment, calling Super Enhanced Maeng Da “awesome.” Elsewhere, customers have awarded this one a four to five star rating, giving it major points for its serenity and mild invigoration.
As I mentioned earlier, a glut of vendors have been slapping fancy labels on substandard products and passing them off as something that they’re not. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of dealing with such brands, you’d do well to join one of the online kratom forum communities.
These forums enable you to research strains by brand and reputation. You’ll find user recommendations, vendor warnings and much, much more. As it happens, this is exactly how I first discovered SEMT and how I found the suppliers on my list.
Of all the sites selling variations on this formula, I’d point users to the following as the top 3 choices for Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai. These vendors are the real deal, consistently delivering quality items at an affordable price point.
For optimal potency and a protracted duration of effects, you can’t go wrong with SEMT. But always bear in mind that you’re dealing with mitragynine and 7-OH at profound levels. Practicing a bit of caution is imperative. Moderation is key. Be safe, be smart and be well.
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Kratom Strains Chart

kratom strains chart

If you are new to Kratom it can be quite difficult picking the right Kratom strain. You probably have some questions regarding the benefits and effects of Kratom. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

In this article, we will go over the different kratom strains and how they work. Before we dive into the different types of kratom strains, let’s quickly go over the roots of Kratom.

Kratom Strains


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  • 1 Where Does Kratom Come From?
  • 2 Kratom Strains And Effects
    • 2.1 White Kratom Strain
    • 2.2 Red Kratom Strain
    • 2.3 Green Kratom Strain
  • 3 The Best Kratom Strain For You
    • 3.1 My Personal Experience with the different Kratom Strains

Kratom, also called Mitragyna speciosa is a plant found in Southeast Asia.

The plant has been around for centuries and is mainly used to help treat various conditions. It was traditionally used to increase energy and productivity among farmers in Asia.

The Kratom leaves were either dried and eaten or made into a tea and consumed by the farmers. By doing so, they felt pain relief and were able to continue working under poor circumstances. In Thailand and Malaysia, Kratom is also used to help with drug withdrawal.

Nowadays, the use of Kratom has gotten extremely popular, mainly for self-medication. It’s considered a mood enhancer and nootropic because of the strong effects it has.

Most people use Kratom as a natural alternative to opioids. For them, it’s a way to help manage chronic pain. You’ll also find people that use Kratom to help combat Anxiety and Depression. Of course, there are also recreational users that take Kratom to help boost energy levels, brain stimulation and to feel good.

There are different strains of Kratom, each of them has their own unique set of benefits and effects. The different kratom strains are:

  • Red;
  • Green;
  • White.

You’ll also find some vendors that sell a Gold strain. It’s pretty much a mix of white and green. A good example is the Bali Kratom. SHOP QUALITY KRATOM

Kratom MMA


Each Kratom strain has a different type of effect.

For a new user, it can be quite overwhelming to pick a strain to try out, mainly because there are a few to pick from. You will also find that the quality of each Kratom batch might be different.

This is due to the fact that vendors are purchasing it from different Kratom farms. Also, the drying process is really important when it comes to the strength and effects of Kratom. Always make sure to purchase your Kratom from reputable sources.

You also have a lot of different Kratom types, like Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, Indo, etc. The difference in these is which region they come from, the drying process, and mixing of the Kratom. It’s sometimes really hard to find your way through all the different kratom strains. My advice is to start with a color you like and just try different types, like the red Bali kratom.

Let’s go over the different kratom strains and the effects they have. This will help you understand which kratom strain is the best for you. In case you aren’t sure how to take kratom, make sure to do your research.


The White kratom strain can be described with one word, focus. A white strain will help you clear your mind and give you the ability to fully focus on a task. It’s considered to be a great nootropic as it will boost cognition

White Vein Kratom Strain

Besides a great focus, a white strain can also be a good source of energy. I like to take White Borneo Kratom when I have to work behind the computer, it helps me focus and allows me to put the work in.


Personally, I am a big fan of the red strain, preferably Red Bali Kratom. It helps me relax like no other strain of Kratom does. The red strain seems to be one of the most popular strains available. I have heard a lot of great user experiences with the red strain.

Red Strain kratom

This type will help you relax after a long exhausting day. It’s known to help put your mind at ease during stressful periods. Some type’s of Red kratom will also give you a euphoric effect which is hard to describe. You can compare the effects of Red strain to those of CBD oil.


The green strain is a great source of energy. It’s also known to have a positive effect on the mood. What I like about the green strain is that it’s super effective. After about 15 to 20 minutes I get an insane energy rush which lasts for several hours. The renewed strength it gives me is absolutely amazing and I highly suggest everybody try it out.

Green strain

Because it’s so potent, you’ll usually feel the effects within no time. It’s also said that the green strain is great for pain relief.


Everybody will have their own favorite kratom strain. Some users might experience different effects than described above. Kratom seems to work completely different for some people. This is why you’ll find so many different opinions on the various kratom strains.

In my opinion, you should give all the kratom strains a try.

Find out what works for you by trial and error.

Don’t feel the effects of a low dosage of Green Malay Kratom? Take a little bit more to see what happens. The same with white and green strains, but make sure to take small doses.

You don’t want to be taking too much and end up feeling horrible. It’s important to find the best kratom dosage for you.

One thing is for sure, Kratom has helped completely turn lives around. If you need any advice on which kratom strain you should go with, feel free to message me for advice.


I have used all the 3 basic Kratom Strains (red, white, green), and my favorites by far are the White and Red one.

The white one I use when I need to focus and get some work done. My dosage is 2-2,5 grams per serving.

The Red Kratom I use when I want to relax or get a good night of sleep.

Every now and then I will combine red kratom and CBD Oil. I get the BEST night sleep ever, it was really amazing how I wake up fully rested.

My advice would be, experience with all the different kratom strains. You’ll find your personal favorite within no time.

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Kratom questions and answers

what is kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa Korth, otherwise known as Kratom, is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia in the Indochina and Malaysia phytochoria (botanical regions).
speciosa is indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea where it has been used in traditional medicine since at least the 19th century. The Kratom leaves have some opioid- and stimulant-like properties.
Kratom was first formally described by the Dutch colonial botanist Pieter Korthals in 1839, who named it as such; it was renamed and reclassified several times before George Darby Haviland provided the final name and classification in 1859.
The leaf is usually chewed, but since its adoption in Europe, Kratom has taken many other forms. It is now possible to buy dried leaves, powder, tinctures, resin, enhanced leaves, and there is also rumor that somebody has managed to create a form of Kratom suitable for intravenous injection.

is kratom legal

The worldwide laws revolving around the Southeast Asian tree are ever-changing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have attempted to combat its usage in the United States by pushing a kratom ban, while scientists and other advocates are fighting to keep it legal.

In the U.S., there are currently six states in which kratom is labeled as a controlled substance and is therefore illegal to sell, possess, use and grow. There are also a few cities and counties in legal states in which kratom use and possession is banned.

where to buy kratom?

Kratom is not available to buy in a local drug or health store. This is because kratom is not approved by the FDA, so they are not allowed to sell it and it can be hard to track down reputable sources.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that there is a wide variety of kratom strains if you know where to look for your supply. Understanding the strains is essential to making an informed decision when you do purchase it.
What’s more, if you are looking to buy it locally, here are a few regular haunts to make you aware of the risks.

Buying kratom online is by far the safest way to buy. You can do as much research as you want, looking at all the best brands and reviews left by previous buyers. While you don’t get the product in your hands before purchasing, the issue becomes irrelevant when you compare it to the benefits of buying from a trusted and respected store that’s loved by buyers already.

how to use kratom

There are a few popular methods of using powdered leaf, but the most common are with capsules or tablets, “toss and wash”, mixing with food, and preparation as a tea. The following is a guide to help users discover their favorite way to enjoy kratom.

Kratom capsules have become one of the most common ways people now use kratom. You can find pre-capsuled kratom in almost any head shop in the US while some choose to buy empty 00 or 000 capsules and capsule their kratom for themselves.

“Toss and wash” is basically just spooning the powder directly into your mouth and washing it down with a liquid. Kratom is known as a diuretic and is associated with dehydration. It is important when using this method that you hydrate. This could be with your favorite sports drink or you can just stick with water. The word hydrate comes from the Greek word for water, so its hard to find a better hydrating beverage. 
This is commonly known as the most “difficult” method but is the quickest in a pinch and arguably gives some of the strongest effects.
The downside to this method is that the powder is incredibly dry and will stick to your mouth and throat, causing many to gag or cough “blow” the dry powder out of their mouth. If using this method of consumption, it is best to spoon small amounts at a time. 

Kratom Tea Preparation

Lastly, preparation as a tea is convenient and effective. 

It is important to note that only powdered leaf should be used to make tea. Extracts should not be used.
Start by measuring out between 1 teaspoon of powdered leaf. Using an extract is not recommended, as the hot water may break down some of the alkaloids, there’s no added benefit, and it’s more expensive. Boil 2-4 cups of water. The more water you use, the less strong the flavor, but as long as you drink it all the effects will be exactly the same.

Put the kratom powder into a large cup or container with a pour lip, and pour the boiling water on top. Stir until it is thoroughly mixed. Be sure there aren’t any clumps of dry powder. I highly recommend adding sugar, artificial sweeter, or honey (honey works the best to cut the bitterness), and stir. If using artificial sweetener, 2 packets is a good starting amount. Let sit until cool (at least 15 minutes), stirring occasionally.

Once cooled, allow the powder to settle to the bottom. Pour the tea into a drinking cup, and enjoy! At this point you can add more sweetener to taste, or add water or ice cubes to dilute the flavor. As long as you drink all of the liquid, the effects will be the same.

is kratom illegal

As of 2020, there is no pending legislation that specifically targets it on the federal level. However, that doesn’t mean kratom is immune to a nationwide ban in the future.
Back in 2016, the DEA announced its intent to make kratom a Schedule I substance. This would have prohibited it across the entire US.
However, the intent met a major backlash from the kratom community. They organized a White House petition with over 145,000 signatures and submitted over 6,000 letters to the DEA.
More than 60 members of Congress took notice and wrote to the DEA to postpone the ban and allow for a comment period.
During this period, 23,232 comments were received. 99% of them were in favor of kratom. So, the DEA had to reverse their emergency scheduling on kratom.
It was a  remarkable feat and the first time in history when an advocacy group was able to overturn a DEA emergency scheduling.
This legal fight for kratom is far from over, however. The DEA has put this into the hands of the FDA, and now it’s up to them to decide what to do next.
We all know that the FDA has a bias against supplements and natural herbs such as kratom. They recently conducted a study using their own computer programmed algorithms to get results that fit their claims of kratom being a dangerous opioid drug that should be banned.
It’s fair to say the tables are tilted. Nonetheless, we are at odds with powerful government agencies who are looking out for special interests. But, we’ve made it this far in the fight to keep kratom legal.

is kratom safe

To determine the safety of the plant mitragyna speciosa, more commonly known as kratom, we look to existing data on toxicity. We also look at parallels and comparisons to determine reasonable safety.  At some point absolutely everything (even good’ole H2O) becomes too much and can be toxic.

How Much Kratom is ‘Too Much’ (i.e. toxic)?

There are a handful of research papers that reference mitragynine or kratom alkaloid extracts which were used to determine LD50 toxicity in animals.   Lethal dose (LD50) is the amount of an ingested substance that kills 50 percent of a test sample. It is expressed in mg/kg, or milligrams of substance per kilogram of body weight.  In other words, how much (milligrams) of a substance does it take to potentially kill you per weight (kilogram).  The higher the LD50 number, the safer the substance as it takes more of it to be harmful.

The pharmacology book, Kratom and Other Mitragynines by Raffa, cites acute liver toxicity in rats at higher doses of 1000mg/kg of mitragynine extract, but no axons or dendrites toxicity (brain cells are fine!).  A comparative safety risk assessment study for alkaloid extract of Malaysian Mitragyna Speciosa, estimatedacute toxicity at 477 mg/kg for mitragynine.  For comparison, caffeine is 140 mg/KG and aspirin is 200 mg/KG.  It takes over twice as much mitragynine to be dangerous versus aspirin and 3-4 times more mitragynine than caffeine.  

For a person weighing about 150 lbs, the amount of pure kratom alkaloids where it is toxic is about 40 grams a day.  Keep in mind that when you are using 100% whole-leaf kratom (like with ETHA Natural Botanicals), about 2% of the leaf is made up of alkaloids.  So, the toxic amount is over 2,000 gram a day of kratom leaf.  A typical person uses 2.5 to 9 grams a day…much less.
How Much Mitragynine is in Typical Use?
If typical use is 2.5-9 g kratom a day for an average 150 lbs. (68 KG) human and mitragynine is ~1% in the dried leaves (typical total alkaloids are 0.5-1.5%) this means that a typically person uses ~0.37 -to- 1.33 mg/kg, WAY, WAY below 477 mg/KG limit for mitragynine!  You’d have to use over 3,000 grams of kratom (typical use is 2.5-15 grams) to be toxic!

what does kratom do

The DEA maintains that kratom has no medical uses or benefits, but in Asia kratom has been used for hundreds of years to treat cough, diarrhea, opiate withdrawal, and chronic pain, and to boost energy and sexual desire. More recently, in the US there has been an uptick in the use of kratom by people who are self-treating chronic pain and acute withdrawal from opiates and seeking alternatives to prescription medications. Despite a vocal community of supporters, and numerous anecdotal testimonials of effectiveness, these treatment practices using kratom have not been rigorously studied as either safe or effective.

A patient wishing to use kratom for pain or to mitigate withdrawal symptoms would encounter several problems, not all of which have to do with the intrinsic properties of kratom itself.

where can i buy kratom

Kratom is in high-demand right now. But it’s actually been used for centuries in the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Kratom for sale can be found primarily online so we have reviewed the best quality products from top vendors so you have the facts in Thailand, but now you can buy Kratom online and our high quality products.
Kratom is a natural herbal leaf that comes from the coffee family. The scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. Mainly grown in Indonesia, the tree has grown farmed by local farmers in those asian countries. The leaves of the plant can be chewed, are harvested sometimes as a tea, but Kratom for sale is most commonly offered as capsules, powder and crushed leaves. One commonly used method is to mix crushed powder in juice, tea or coffee. where can you buy kratom

how long does kratom last

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a plant that grows in some parts of Southeast Asia. Its leaves are packed with powerful compounds known for producing psychotropic (mind-altering) effects.
When consumed, Kratom’s effects are normally felt within 30 to 60 minutes, and the euphoric effects last for 5 to 7 hours. However, some natural extracts like turmeric and chamomile can be combined with the Kratom powder to potentiate it.
The Kratom tree is an evergreen tropical plant belonging to the same family as coffee and gardenias. It’s indigenous to Southeast Asia, specifically in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea, and Malaysia. It goes by the street names Biak, Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang, and Thom. Two major compounds in Kratom leaves are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.
Kratom extracts have been used as herbal medicines since the nineteenth century to offer their stimulating effects and opioid properties. In the U.S., it was used for diarrhea, muscle pain relief, and opiate addiction and withdrawal treatment. Presently, Kratom is available in various forms, such as capsules, powders, liquids, pastes, and gum, among others. Sometimes, however, it can be smoked, chewed, or even eaten in food.
After ingestion, Kratom takes between five to ten minutes for its effects to kick in. The “high” feeling lingers from two to five hours, and its euphoric effects length is dependent on the amount of Kratom ingested. Therefore, the recommended dosage will depend on age, sex, strand ingested, and health status, among others.

how to take kratom

kratom powder is just one common product kratom leaves are used to produce, because it is easy to store, transport, measure, and use in further preparations and extracts. In many cases, how people use kratom powder is just a matter of personal preference. There are three common ways to prepare kratom powder for further use— all of which may be preferred or avoided for various reasons.
Brewing kratom powder into a tea is a popular and easy preparation method. Additionally, kratom powder may be added into green, black, oolong, white, or herbal tea for a more balanced brew. Kratom tea can be potent or unappealing to some, and has a pretty distinctive flavor and aroma. 
Kratom powder can be made into pill form, or capsules, for easy portioning and storage. Kratom in pill form is said to avoid bitterness or odor and is easier than brewing tea to achieve consistent, standard portions. 
Adding kratom powder to food is another common method of preparation. In general, this works much the same way as making kratom tea, only, instead of steeping the powder, one simply blends it with fruits, or even other smoothie/shake powders. The variety of kratom smoothie recipes is even more diverse and extensive than for teas, so you can easily find (or even create your own) kratom smoothie or shake that suits your tastes and preferences.

is kratom an opiate

On the molecular level, what we know in terms of interaction with the different opioid receptors is that yes, they bind to the opioid receptor. . . . But how they interact with the opioid receptor is distinctly different from classical opioids. If you look at morphine or at something like fentanyl . . .  what we usually look at when we classically look at opioid receptors, these are G-protein-coupled receptors, where basically the morphine or another binding agent binds from the outside to the receptor and then you have a kind of second-messenger cascade that happens inside the cell.

Now, what we know about the opioid receptors . . . is that opioid receptors also recruit beta-arrestin. [It] has been shown to be responsible for a lot of the negative effects, especially in regards to respiratory depression and potentially even in regards to the addictive symptoms . . . that are associated with opioid use, misuse, leading to abuse. That is something that mitragynine is not doing. Mitragynine does not recruit beta-arrestin.

The science is on the same page in regards to mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine and thereby certain compounds in kratom acting on opioid receptors. My concern is . . . we’ve got roughly 5 million kratom users—roughly, it’s a very rough estimate. In my survey that was published in 2017 [I] showed that this is a distinctly different user population from what you would expect to find in opioid users.

I fear that by banning kratom, we are creating a significant issue by hindering research. I am a proponent of regulating kratom as limiting the excess, as controlling products that are entering the United States [to ensure] they show quality, that there is actually kratom inside when kratom is mentioned on the label. I support that health care providers should be serving as intermediaries to provide patients and consumers with advice on what they actually take.

But phasing it into Schedule 1 makes it very hard to further conduct research. And this is a new class of endo-alkaloids that act very distinctly different on opioid receptors. And just because the FDA hasn’t received an NDA [New Drug Application] or IND [Investigational New Drug application] to actually conduct a study with mitragynine to move it into a clinical trial, which we know costs . . . millions of dollars, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value for these 4 or 5 million kratom users, who I feel would have to go back to using prescription opioids or potentially going to street drugs. 

what is kratom powder

Kratom powder begins as the leaves of the evergreen tree known as mitragyna speciosa (a.k.a. kratom). Once these leaves are dried, they are easily broken down and ground up into a fine powder. This powder can then be encapsulated, brewed into a tea, or made into a kratom extract.

what is kratom used for

The main active alkaloids present in kratom leaves are supposed to be 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine that offer this herb all kinds of therapeutic and non-therapeutic benefits.
Some of the commonest effects of kratom depending on the variety of kratom consumed are –
A spike in energy levels
Feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation
Improvement in focus and mental clarity
May aid in sleep disorders
May reduce stress

how long does kratom stay in your system

Elimination half-life is a term used to describe the time it takes for the drug’s plasma concentration to be reduced by half.5 The drug is proportionally eliminated from the body with each additional half-life.For example, if a 100 mg dose of an intravenous drug with a half-life of 15 minutes was given to a patient, it would take 15 minutes for 50 mg of the drug to remain in the system; it would take 30 minutes for 25 mg to remain; 45 minutes for 12.5 mg to remain; 120 minutes for 0.39 mg to remain; and so on.6
In the case of a substance like kratom, pharmacologic studies are ongoing and there are some differences in terms of reported half-life measurements. For example, one study found the elimination half-life for mitragynine to be approximately 3.85 hours (±0.51 hours). This means it would take nearly 4 hours for the plasma concentration to be reduced by just half.7 Another study found the half-life to be somewhat longer at 9.43 hours (±1.74 hours).8 With half-life measurements in that ballpark range, the alkaloid may still be detected in the plasma after 24 hours.
Some online articles have cited the elimination half-life of mitragynine to be nearly 24 hours, due to yet another study that found the terminal half-life to be 23.24 hours (±16.07 hours).7 However, the terminal half-life is a different measurement than elimination half-life. Terminal half-life is the time it takes for the plasma concentration of a substance to be divided by 2 after reaching pseudo-equilibrium. Terminal half-life does not reflect the rate of elimination but rather how quickly and how much the drug is absorbed.9
The elimination half-life of mitragynine may be somewhat affected by the method of use. In one study, the average half-life after injection was 2.9 hours (±2.1 hours). However, after oral ingestion, the elimination half-life was 6.6 hours (±1.3 hours).8
Mitragynine can be detected in urine screens.8 While kratom users may try to determine how long kratom stays in their systems to avoid a positive drug screen, it’s important to remember that there are a multitude of variables that determine just how long a substance like kratom will be detected in the body (such as method of use, health, and age) and avoiding a positive test isn’t as simple as making a calculation based on the elimination half-life. In fact, even the age of the plant, the environment in which the plant grew, and the time of harvest can impact how much of the mitragynine alkaloid is in the plant.8
There is no definitive number you can use to know just how long you’ll be impacted by kratom. And the only way to ensure you’ll pass a drug screen is to avoid drug use.

how to make kratom tea

Brewing kratom powder into a tea is a popular and easy preparation method. Additionally, kratom powder may be added into green, black, oolong, white, or herbal tea for a more balanced brew.

does kratom show up on a drug test

Blood tests are uncommon, but may be conducted and can detect kratom during the first 24 hours and for up to several days.
Hair tests are also uncommon for kratom detection, but typically hair follicle analyses have longer detection windows, sometimes up to 90 days.
Urinalysis is the most common method to detect kratom. A urine test can identify the drug’s presence after around six hours, and traces may be detected for up to nine days.

how much kratom to take

The right dosage for kratom is contingent upon numerous factors, like the health of the user, the age of the user, and other various conditions. The scientific community is still trying to determine appropriate dosage recommendations for kratom, but as of the time of writing, insufficient research had happened for general guidelines. Given that kratom is not legal in all locations, it’s not being looked at or taken as seriously as other drugs or supplements. Always be mindful of the fact that natural products aren’t always completely safe, so dosage is crucial to get right. When product labels have relevant directions, be sure you follow them. Also consult your physician, pharmacist, or healthcare professional prior to using kratom.
Further complicating things is that measurements are not consistent across all kinds of kratom or its vendors. You should buy a high-quality and precision digital scale for measuring your doses since portions of kratom of equal physical size might have very different weights. This is especially true of extracts. The following information doesn’t always yield as accurate but can serve as a general guideline for your dosing needs:
Average Powdered Leaf: 1 gram = 0.035 ounces; 50 grams = 1.75 ounces; 100 grams = 3.5 ounces
Bali Powder: 1 Tablespoon = 6.2 grams; 1 Teaspoon = 2.3 grams
Crushed Leaf: 1 Tablespoon = 2.7 grams; 1 Teaspoon = 0.9 grams
Green Malay Powder: 1 Tablespoon = 6.9 grams; 1 Teaspoon = 2.4 grams
Maeng Da Powder: 1 Tablespoon = 7 grams; 1 Teaspoon = 2.6 grams
Since you can’t know the proper efficient dosage of kratom from the start, you need to start small and then build up over time to find out what’s safe and effective for you. If you’re new to kratom, then just 2 or 3 grams is a great starting point. Be sure you ingest it on an empty stomach. Do this either right when you get up or a few hours following breakfast.
Following your first dose, you need to wait up to 40 minutes before deciding how you feel. If you think that you need more, ingest another gram or two. Wait an additional half an hour before checking it with how you feel. Typically, you won’t need more kratom after than, but if you want to, a third dose from half a gram to 2 grams can be had.
Your weight should also factor into your dosage. For instance, if you weight less than 149 pounds, then starting with a dose of 1.5 grams is a good option. Lower doses help you avoid tolerance issues.

how much kratom powder to take

Kratom is a natural but also very potent substance. Ingestion of either low or high dosages can cause adverse effects on the body. There is no one perfect dose for Kratom, therefore, the right dosage is dependent on various factors, such as health status, age, type of strain, among others. The following are some ways of finding the perfect Kratom dose:
Ingestion of Kratom on an empty stomach- Ingesting it on an empty stomach will help in learning how a certain amount of the extract makes you feel.
Ingesting Kratom in smaller amounts- Ingesting too much Kratom at once produces a ‘woozy and sickly’ feeling; it may even lead to vomiting.
Purchase of quality Kratom extracts- Poor quality Kratom extracts are not as potent as quality ones. They tend to be less effective and present more side effects.
Learning each Kratom strain properly- Different Kratom strains have varied “sweet spots.” Some strains may ‘hit harder’ on some people and cause harsher side effects than others do.
Ingesting more substantial amounts of fluids – Ingesting fluids helps to dilute the “harsh” Kratom effects.

can u smoke kratom

Smoking kratom powder (or kratom leaves), such as through a pipe or in a cigarette, may be possible but is highly ill-advised. Smoking kratom powder or leaves is an unfavorable way of consuming kratom, as it requires an impractical amount. More importantly, there may be health risks associated with smoking any kind of substance, and more research is needed to assess the exact hazards associated with using kratom this way.

how to make kratom stronger

Kratom leaves were used as traditional medicine, but are currently also used for recreational purposes. If you want to potentiate it, you can add a variety of natural extracts to Kratom powder. This boosts its stimulation while at the same time, provide long lasting effects. The extracts include Cat’s Claw, Grapefruit, Chamomile Tea, Turmeric powder, Cayenne Pepper, and CBD Oil.
These potentiates can be incorporated in meals, shakes, or other food varieties during the day without affecting your diet since they are all-natural extracts. The following are some of the substances used to potentiate Kratom powder:

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Kratom benefits List

Kratom benefits List

Kratom benefits List

Kratom benefits List here. Kratom has been a major breakthrough in the world of herbal supplements. Numerous benefits of Kratom have been discovered in recent years and there’s no end to the health benefits of Kratom.

To all those people who were hopeless out there due to their medical conditions found a miracle drug that helped them get back to their normal life.

No doubt, kratom is a miracle herb. This article lists the top 15 health benefits of Kratom.

If you are experiencing medical conditions like pain, diarrhea, Opiate withdrawal, insomnia, and fatigue, you are at the right place, because Kratom is the magical cure.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant belonging from the Mitragyna Speciosa family, native to the countries of Southeast Asia.

The leaves of this plant the alkaloids that are responsible for producing effects that benefit the health of a person.

Kratom leaves come in three types which include red, green and white. Each of these leaves produces different strains that have different effects.

The stem of Kratom is also used for medicinal benefits. Though Kratom contains more than 40 alkaloids, the major alkaloids are only two in number.

These are 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. The effects produced by these alkaloids are mentioned below.

On our kratom benefits list, these are some of the effects that Kratom produces.

Kratom for stimulation

The stimulant action of Kratom is observed at low doses. This action allows people to work tirelessly and with minimum effort. Stimulation helps in getting energetic and in feeling the positive vibes around you.
This also has a positive effect on the mental health of a person. Those persons who feel lethargy and are quickly fatigued they need the right dose of energy and motivation to work which is provided by Kratom.
Unlike other CNS stimulants, it doesn’t give anxiety and jittery feeling.

Kratom produces strong analgesia

The alkaloids present in Kratom are responsible for the painkilling effect. These alkaloids act on the opiate receptors present in the central nervous system.
These receptors in return respond to the alkaloids present in Kratom and via signal transduction, they send a message to the neurons and it acts by enhancing the release of enkephalins and endorphins.
Enkephalins, Dynorphins, and Endorphins are part of the analgesic pathways. These neurotransmitters act by suppressing pain signals that go from the periphery to the brain.
The Kratom strains that produce strong analgesia include Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and Red Bali.
A low dose of 2 grams is effective in producing analgesic effects. The analgesia lasts for four to six hours, relieving pain in conditions like osteoarthritis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, chronic backache, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain etc.

Kratom elevate your mood

All strains of Kratom act in a way to make you feel confident and optimistic but some strains are more euphoric than the others and thus they elevate your mood.
Borneo and Bali strains of Kratom at small doses ranging from 2 to 6 grams can induce a positive or a happy mood. Maeng Da, Thai and Malay strains are also well known for producing positive mood in a dose ranging from 1 to 4 grams.
For mild depression, a dosage between 0.5 grams to 2 grams has proven to be effective.
For moderate depression, 1 to 5 grams of Kratom can be taken. Green and white Kratom strains are productive in the regard that they help stressed persons a lot. Some mood-boosting strains are mentioned below;
Bali and Borneo Strains
Maeng Da
Malay and Indo strains

Kratom for opiate withdrawal

Kratom is not an opiate but it does have an action that resembles the action of Opiates. It is an agonist at supraspinal mu and delta Opiate receptors.
It interacts with the Opiate receptors but it doesn’t produce long-term dependency. It helps in returning the appetite to normal.
It helps in reduction of sleeplessness and pain associated with Opiate withdrawal. Also, it elevates mood and has an anti-anxiety action.
It reduces cramps, vomiting, and nausea associated with Opiate withdrawal. It reduces the cravings of a person for Opiate when it attaches to the Opiate receptors in the brain.
Some of the Kratom strains that are important in reducing Opiate withdrawal symptoms include;
Bali red vein
Sumatra Red Vein Powder
Maeng Da
Green Thai Powder
Green Malay

Kratom for treating anxiety

Anxiety is a term that is used for some disorders which include Panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and specific phobias as well as generalized anxiety disorder.
The symptoms of anxiety include a feeling of panic, impaired sleeping, fear, uneasiness sweaty and cold hands, palpitations hypoventilation, dryness of mouth, tense muscles with cramps, nausea and sometimes vomiting, paresthesia of extremities, etc.
Kratom gives you a sense of well-being, and it soothes your nerves.
You feel relaxed and calm after taking Kratom and thus you start feeling the Anxiolytic action of Kratom. You will feel a noticeable reduction in nervousness.

Kratom for cognition enhancement

Cognitive performance is a phenomenon that means the ability to bring the knowledge acquired by various mental processes in use.
The brain gets its energy from the nutrients and the diet we take.
Energy is generated after there is metabolism of the diet. Kratom is metabolized by the phase I and phase II microsomal enzymes which are present in the liver, into different alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.
These alkaloids act on the mu, delta, and kappa Opiate receptors present in the brain and the periphery.
Mitragynine is responsible for acting mainly on the delta receptors while 7-hydroxymitragynine acts on the mu receptors.
These opioids receptors in return are responsible for affecting the cognitive performance. Kratom is known to enhance the cognition of a person.

Kratom for improvement in focus

Kratom has some important alkaloids that help you in focusing on your work or your studies.
It does so by releasing larger quantities of acetylcholine that help you stay focused and prevent you from thinking diffusely.
Along with this Kratom evokes the release of dopamine and serotonin both of which are really important in increasing focus, attention span and keeping you motivated to do a particular task.

Kratom relieves stress

Being a psychostimulant, Kratom is known to relieve stress. It does so by the release of certain neurotransmitters that enhances the overall mood of a person.
These neurotransmitters are endorphins and serotonin. This way it can be rightly said that Kratom is a helpful aid and dietary component for people suffering from depression and other stress disorders.

Kratom improves sleeping pattern

At higher doses, Kratom acts as a sedative and thus helps a person in sleep.
Those persons who suffer from insomnia, night terrors or parasomnia can take Kratom to relieve it.
People who take a longer time to sleep, or wake up at the slightest disturbance can also take Kratom to have better sleep.
If a person has good sleep, he can function better during the daytime. The sedative action of Kratom occurs because it alters the sleep-wake cycle and regulates it.

Anticonvulsant effect of Kratom

The anticonvulsant use of Kratom is gaining importance in patients with epilepsy who suffer from seizures.
This effect is brought about by the action of Kratom in certain areas of the brain that regulate the coordination and movement of the body as well as the sympathetic tone of the muscles.
By regulating the nerve impulse discharge, Kratom helps in reducing convulsions.

Anti-diarrheal action of Kratom

Kratom regulates the parasympathetic system which mainly affects the gastrointestinal tract.
The higher firing rate of a nerve impulse from the parasympathetic ganglia present in the gastrointestinal tract can result in the increased motility of the large intestine thereby leading to diarrhea.
Kratom reduces the motility of the intestines and helps in making solid stools.

Anti-inflammatory action of Kratom

Kratom has an anti-inflammatory action, therefore; it is used in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.
Kratom promotes healing and reduces pain, swelling, and redness at the site of inflammation.

Anti-oxidant action of Kratom

The anti-oxidant action of Kratom can be compared to superoxide dismutase and glutathione which are the natural anti-oxidants present in the body.
Kratom prevents the formation of free radicals and thus protects the body tissues from injury.

Kratom for weight loss

Kratom regulates satiety center in the hypothalamus of the human brain. People who are obese can take Kratom to reduce their appetite and lose weight by using a natural herb.

Kratom enhances motivation levels

The active ingredients or alkaloids of Kratom are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine.

These alkaloids show agonism at the opioid receptors present in the brain. Also, they increase the sympathetic activity which results in the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, also called the ‘adrenaline rush’.

This is responsible for the boosting motivation. Kratom also induces the release of dopamine and serotonin that are important in enhancing motivation levels. The Kratom strains that produce high motivation include;

Maeng Da: 1-3 grams dose

Green Malay: 1-3 grams dose

Red Borneo: 2-2.5 grams dose

Red Vein Sumatra: 1-2 grams dose

White Vein Thai: 2-3 grams dose

Mentioned above are the top 15 health benefits of Kratom but the list doesn’t end here.

Kratom has numerous health benefits and it is the time that clinical studies start proving the health benefits of Kratom.

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Best Kratom For Energy

Best Kratom For Energy, kratom for energy and motivation

Best Kratom For Energy

Ever since its rise in popularity over the past decade, many believe kratom’s only use is to alleviate discomfort and provide users a good way to fall asleep. But as many kratom users have discovered, using kratom for energy can give you a real boost during your day and sharpen your focus. But when you’re looking to buy kratom to boost your mental clarity, it’s critical that you buy the right kratom for your purposes. kratom for energy and motivation.

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree nation to Southeast Asian countries. It has been used for hundreds of years there to minimize pain and increase energy for people toiling in fields under the hot sun. Originally, kratom leaves were chewed to release the energy-boosting alkaloids. Now, the leaves are dried and ground into kratom powder or kratom capsules that can be easily consumed.

Kratom For Energy And Focus

There are three veins (types) of kratom; red kratom, green kratom, and white kratom. Kratom strains are determined by the color of veins on the plant’s leaves, and each strain offers a range of different effects.

While red kratom is best for alleviating discomfort and green kratom helps both alleviate discomfort and provides mild euphoria, white kratom is the best for energy and focus.

At around 4-6 grams, white kratom elicits feelings of euphoria and gives users a burst of energy. Many users report desiring to socialize, connect, and feel enlivened about an hour after their dose.

When To Use Kratom For Energy

Contrary to what you’ve heard in the past, kratom (white kratom, that is) is excellent for feeling sociable, and a great alternative to alcohol. It makes users talkative, connected, and puts them in an overall pleasant mood, all without the damaging health effects of alcohol.

Kratom is also a powerful tool for sharpening your focus as you prepare for that next big meeting or put the final touches on that big project. Whether you’re looking for a burst of euphoria, to sharpen your focus, or both, white kratom is the best kratom for energy and the boost you need.

The Best Strains for Energy

Since there are so many types of kratom on the market, knowing the best kratom strains for energy to give you energy is important. Especially since kratom can also be used to put you to sleep! kratom for energy and motivation.

White Vein Borneo

This long-lasting kratom strain is ideal for people who struggle with focus and clarity. With anyone struggling to pay attention, White Vein Borneo kratom can produce long-lasting, steady clarity. White Vein Borneo also produces loads of stimulation in users, without the noticeable crash you might get with other stimulants.

Green Indo

This strain is one of the newest types of kratom to gain popularity on the market. Like other green strains, Green Indo kratom balances pain relief and stimulation. However, Green Indo is a smoother, milder strain that is ideal for people who want to ramp up the effects slowly and have them last longer. Green Indo can also be very beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety. This is because Green Indo doesn’t just have stimulating strains. But has a balanced dose of relaxation and stimulation to produce a steady boost in energy without increasing anxiety.

Where To Get The Best Kratom For Energy

Online Kratom proudly sources kratom from countries in which we have strong relationships with kratom farmers. All of our kratom is legally grown and responsibly sourced so that farmers are able to take care of their families and the land, and they’re able to deliver high-quality and safe products.

Ready to try out white kratom for the energy boost you need? Browse our collection of white kratom products to get started.

If you’re feeling drained and lethargic, you might be looking for a way to improve your energy levels without turning to caffeine.  Many kratom users looking to improve their energy levels turn to stimulate strains of kratom to increase their focus and boost their energy.

Kratom is great for energy and focus but the type of kratom, its purity, who you are as a person and how much you take will determine the level you’ll experience. Kratom is good because of how it interacts in your body. Kratom functions by binding to opioid receptors in your body. It doesn’t interact with them and binds to them in an aggressive manner that opiate drugs do however it still activates them.

Opioid receptors stimulation causes mental clarity, release of endorphins, analgesia, and reduction of depression and anxiety. Opioid receptors (located in the spine and brain) stimulation produces energy and focus through kratom. However, it depends on the dose you take, balance of alkaloids and the strain. At lower doses, kratom stimulates the opioid receptors to produce analgesia, relaxation, an increase in mental and physical energy as well as mental clarity.

At higher doses, you’ll experience higher levels of euphoria, sedation, and analgesia which isn’t good for energy and focus. Thus, the best kratom for energy and focus may not be the best kratom for euphoria. However, the same kratom can be best for both but manipulation of your dose will play an important role.

Kratom is an excellent way to boost energy without causing any harmful effects. It can also relieve pain and enhance your cognitive function. In this article, we’ll inform you about the best kratom for energy and focus, the most opiate like kratom, using kratom for euphoria, the best strains to use and the right dosage.

Here are the three types we’ll focus on:

White Maeng Da

This strain is great for energy and focus. It delivers maximum stimulation and also energy boost. You should take lower dosages to suppress the sedating effects as it is highly potent. You’ll also experience a boost in physical energy and want to do more. An increase in focus and mental energy will enable you to handle many things and concentrate longer.

It can also help with depression because you’ll feel upbeat and happy. Moreover, you’ll experience an overwhelming sense of wellbeing and positivity. You can have a euphoric high at high doses.

White Bali

This is another great strain that will give you a boost in energy enabling you to do more. It will also make you feel positive and calm. White Bali has high levels of potent alkaloids that deliver clarity, focus, and motivation. It’s also famous for its anxiolytic and nootropic effects that help people deal with a wide range of conditions.

White Borneo

This strain is euphoric, energizing and uplifting. It also has elements of analgesia and calmness. White Borneo effects are more relaxing and sedative than most whites while still maintaining energy and focus. It’s an incredible strain of kratom because it’s flexible. It can be nuanced depending on the dosage.

A majority of users overlook White Borneo since they associate whites with energy. They tend to think it can’t be good for relaxation or anxiety. But this strain can produce a feeling of calmness and increased energy and focus.

The Best Kratom for Energy

Reds are great for an opiate-like experience while the whites for a euphoric high but both should be taken at a high dose. However, you don’t have to take such doses so as to get the best kratom for energy. At lower doses, any kratom strains will do but white kratom tends to give more energy than the red or green.

If you want to get energy and focus, use smaller doses of White Bali kratom during the day. It’s good for energy and focus because it isn’t as potent as White Maeng Da or White Borneo. It also won’t result in out of control energy and euphoria the way the other two strains does.

A moderate dose of White Bali produces a positive outlook boost, increase of physical energy, mental clarity, and significant focus, calmness and slight analgesia. It’s also a good idea to take kratom as a pre workout supplement.

Most Opiate Like Kratom

If you want the most opiate like kratom, consider using red kratom. At higher doses, it can produce a chilled out high that feels like a narcotic opiate. It’s also possible to experience calmness, sedation and pain relief but not at the same level as a narcotic such as heroin. Most red strains can achieve this and you can start with the strains we’ve mentioned for a euphoric high but use red Borneo instead of white.

Best Kratom Dosage for Energy

One of the most important things about using kratom successfully is finding the right dosage. At lower doses, most kratom strains tend to deliver energy and focus while at higher doses, an opiate like experience or euphoria. You just have to keep experimenting with the dosage.

You can take up to 3 grams of White Bali when you’re feeling tired and want energy and focus boost. But if you want a strong kick, then 3 to 5 gm of White Bali or a similar dose of White Maeng Da or White Borneo will increase your energy and focus.


Experiencing an increase in energy and focus is typical for all kratom strains but it’s more noticeable with some. The way kratom function in your body is dependent on how your body works in variation. You shouldn’t be discouraged if you don’t experience simulation. Instead, continue looking for the best kratom strain that can deliver optimum energy and focus.  

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Kratom Capsules: Everything You Ever need to Know

Kratom Capsules: Everybody is talking about it

Kratom Capsules: Everybody is talking about it

Kratom Capsules: Everything You Ever need to Know Kratom is a name popularly and commonly used to describe Mitragyna speciosa that is a herb native to South East Asia used anciently and historically as a medical agent. This herb has been used in the ancient civilizations and continues to impress even the modern day medical practitioners who are greatly impressed by the effectiveness of this agent with little to no side effects to cause.

Online Kratom promise high quality products with high affordability on the part of the customers who can purchase the medicine available in several different forms easily, from the comfort of their homes by simply adding it to their cart on the website. The customers can also enjoy the facility of free delivery of these products with express pace.

There are various different forms of Kratom mostly distinguished from each other based on their color, origin as well as their unique purpose and effectiveness. Online Kratom sells high quality Kratom to their valued customers who can buy it online for very affordable rates. Ideally, customers get free shipping of their all Kratom products upon shopping for them online.

The Mitragyna speciosa being a specifically originating plant is difficult to reach particularly for the customers residing in the United States and Western Europe. There is really no shortage of hurdles and difficulties in ordering this herb all the way from the other corner of the world and even there from a very remotely situated region. It is hence favorable for the customers that they simply add their products to their online shopping cart as they go about choosing their favorite items from the website of Online Kratom.

Kratom remains one of the most rarely found medicines that very few vendors can promise to legally provide their customers. Online Kratom promises not only high quality but also proper channeling of the medicine thus encouraging legal trade of the herb.

Capsules of Kratom – Kratom Capsules: Everything You Ever need to Know

There are several different forms in which Kratom is available for the consumers. One is the powder form that is finely ground for specific purposes like mixing with water and other liquids or adding into capsule shells.

In the same manner there is ground leaf form of Kratom that is in the form of ground leaves initially dried and then pieced. In the same manner there are also Kratom products comprising of whole leaves however that is not available with the Online Kratom.

Kratom, similar to the other forms like powder or well ground leaves is also sold in the form of capsules that have their own utility and benefit to offer. Usually, powder of various different kinds of Kratom is poured into dissolvable capsules. There are several benefits that the capsule Kratom offers the customers and the users of the medicine.

Benefits of Using Kratom Capsules

– It is easy to swallow a capsule Kratom owing to the fact that the capsule itself is very slippery and gets swallowed down the throat with great ease. Kratom like several other powder medicines causes the consumer to feel greatly irritated upon swallowing and there is a risk that the powder may get stuck on the walls of the throat. In the same manner, the taste of the raw Kratom whether it is a red vein or white vein is not ideal for swallowing it raw and hence a packing is necessary to prevent the consumer from throwing up.

– It can further be elaborated that the Kratom powder does not have a very good taste and can be very strong for the first times users, the odor is also not very impressive hence the consumer may be put off of swallowing it. What is most important about the use of capsules in regards to consuming Kratom is that the user does not get to spill the powder while consuming it as everything remains well collected.

– Kratom powder can be rather confusing for the people who are not very well exposed to its various kinds as they may fail to differentiate between the white vein and red vein Kratom powder. However the usage of capsules prevents the confusion through the fact that these can be acquired in various colors. This makes it easy for the users of different kinds of Kratom, to identify which one is which and allows them to dose themselves properly.

– Another brilliant feature of the Kratom capsules is that they do not need any other excipients for the ingestion of the medicine. This means that the user of capsules does not need to necessarily use other substances or agents to facilitate the ingestion. Powder on the other hand when ingested would definitely need a fluid running down the throat to facilitate the ingestion of the powder. It may only require a few gulps of water to allow the Kratom capsules to get ingested very easily and if it is prescribed not to mix it with any liquid then the consumer can simply ingest a capsule alone.

– Kratom like any other medical herb has many benefits for the consuming body but like any other medical facilitator must never be overdosed. This means that the consumer has to in any case ingest only the amount that the capsule holds. In this way the consumer remains safe from accidental overdosing and the administers of the medication can ensure that they only give the required dosage to their loved ones.

– Capsules of Kratom sold at Online Kratom also gives the consumers an advantage to carry these capsules along with them that they can consume remotely. It may be difficult to carry along packets of Kratom powder since there is always a risk of spillage and does attract unnecessary attention from the others who suspect it being some form of drug. However, capsules in which the powder is enclosed are easy to carry as they can be all put inside a container and be used easily on a unit basis.

– It is at the same time easy to store away for safekeeping and later reuse. Powdered Kratom can be very welcoming towards different kinds of insects and bacteria that can easily find their way into the Kratom through any leakage in the container that can either be a lid jar or a plastic bag. Moisture is also a great enemy of the quality of Kratom that a person may be using.

People often complain about how the taste and aroma of their Kratom powder continued to deteriorate and change with time. Capsules disallow any kind of moisture to enter the powder and hence contain the quality of the product. Also, even if one capsule gets leaked and gets exposed to either moisture or other impurities then a very small quantity of Kratom powder actually gets wasted.

– It is also easy to estimate the dosage that is left hence gives a measurement advantage to the consumers. It is easy to count the number of capsules consumed and the number of capsules left with a consumer. This enables a much better estimation about how many doses of Kratom are left so that the consumer can order more of them in time before they are finished.

– Kratom capsules are also tremendously beneficial from the point that they can be purchased off the shelf with a confidence that they are in their finished and final form. This implies that there is no necessity to mix the powder (the contents of the capsule) with any other additive or facilitating agent that would enable the medicine to be ingested.

There are however certain cautions that need to be taken while making use of Kratom capsules. These are simply a few things that the consumers of Kratom capsules need to be careful about when they are consuming the medicine.

Cautions in Using Kratom Capsules

– Firstly, the capsules need to be stored in a cool and dry place so that the moisture does not even come in contact with the outer shell of the capsule as that may also cause the product to lose its quality and effectiveness. The storage of capsules in a warm place can result in melting of the capsules that is very dangerous for the consumer because the contact of molten capsules and the powder can change the chemical properties of the whole medicine.

– Secondly, the capsules should be kept out of reach of children who can mistake it for candy and consume it. It is the obligation of the consumer that they take great care of their Kratom medicine and be sure that no non essential person is exposed to it.

– The powder inside the capsules can be taken out of these layers and be used as powder again however it is best that the medicine is consumed in the form of capsules alone. It is not uncommon for people to take the contents of the capsules out of their shells however this practice is ill-advised in the case of the Kratom powder.

– The consumers must also make sure that they do not chew on the capsules as that would render the purpose of the capsule useless. It is highly possible that the powder that comes in the direct contact with the oral cavity can cause intense irritation and can be very sharp in taste. If you are looking for a deal, click to find Ilovekratom coupon codes to find the latest offer.

Looking For Kratom Capsules? Kratom Capsules: Everything You Ever need to Know

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Online Kratom promise that only the best quality Kratom material is provided to the valued customers. What is most convenient about the use of Kratom capsules is that they are fairly easy to ingest, to store and to carry along and what is even better about them s the fact that they do not cost anything extra to the buyers against all these brilliant benefits. Kratom Capsules: Everything You Ever need to Know

Following the elaboration of the benefits that a consumer of Kratom can expect to get from the use of Kratom capsules, it is clear now that the effectiveness of the medicine gets enhanced manifold when consumed in the form of pills and there are several benefits attached with it in terms of storage, dosage and transportation.

This implies that the kind of Kratom capsules that consumers buy online from Online Kratom have to be purpose based and utility oriented. Ideally, the consumers should first educate themselves about the different kinds of Kratom that can be Thai or Bali original and can either be red vein and white vein. Kratom Capsules: Everything You Ever need to Know

Kratom capsules can be ordered online using the website of Online Kratom where there are available the best quality Bali and Thai kratom along with the white vein and the red vein. The various different kinds of Kratom powder have different utilities for the consumers with some being ideal for the eradication of addicting habits and others being more suitable for the relief against chronic pains.

This primary education about the different kinds of Kratom enables the consumers to ensure that they do not start taking the wrong kind of Kratom and use the most relevant herb. Kratom remains one of the very rare herb based medicines that are also difficult to find and purchase from the regular medical stores off the shelf. It is however not uncommon to purchase these herbs from dealers that are not necessarily transporting these herbs legally into the country.

Online Kratom however promises that the herbal medicines provided are entirely legal and have been acquired from their original region through legal procedures and means.

Kratom Capsules: Everything You Ever need to Know

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What is best Kratom dosage?

kratom dosage

What is best Kratom dosage?

Figuring out the correct kratom dosage is the key to getting the most out of this all-natural ethno-botanical remedy that’s been used safely for thousands of years. In the dense rain-forests of Southeast Asia, the original enthusiasts had merely to pluck a leaf from the kratom tree and start chewing on it to receive its many benefits. Chances are, you don’t have any kratom trees growing in your backyard – but luckily we can all enjoy kratom in dried and powdered form all over the world. What’s the right amount to consume in one sitting? Follow this handy guide to calculate the right dose of kratom for you.

What You Can Expect From An Ideal Kratom Dose?

A well-chosen kratom dose will deliver extremely positive benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are exploring kratom to help relieve an uncomfortable medical condition, or already feel good and want to build on those positive emotions, you can expect many of these benefits with your first dose:

A Dictionary of Kratom Terms

While the naming systems of available kratom products can vary widely across countries and manufacturers, there are some basic defining terms that you’ll see across all products, which will help you determine the correct kratom dosage. Depending on the grade you decide to purchase, a different dose measurement will be necessary.

Super: As the name implies, Super kratom is drawn from the largest leaves of the kratom tree. It follows that there will be a higher number of alkaloids in these larger leaves, for which you will sometimes have to pay an extra-large price.

Premium: Premium kratom products are made from a more elaborate sifting process designed to weed out the majority of the stems, which do not contain many alkaloids. This method retains only the extra-potent leafy surfaces.

Extract: This highly concentrated form of kratom is created by boiling down kratom powder into a thick resin which is then crushed. Extract is extremely strong and the normal kratom dosage guidelines don’t apply. When Extract is added to traditional kratom powder, it is often referred to as Enhanced as in Ultra Enhanced Kratom.
Most kratom products will also indicate their country of origin in their name. Though one country’s product is not necessarily stronger on average than another’s, you will find regional differences which impact proper dosing. Make sure when you purchase kratom, you do so from a reputable source who supplies good descriptions of their products.

What is best Kratom dosage?

Kratom Dosage Guidelines

These guidelines are intended as a general starting point for your enjoyment of kratom. The first time you try a particular strain of kratom, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and keep track of how the dosage you chose this time affected you. Then the next time you try kratom, gently nudge the dosage one way or the other until it feels just right.

Time needed: 2 minutes

What is best Kratom dosage ?

  1. Kratom Fusions

    Kratom Fusions

  2. 1-2 grams

    Minimum effects

  3. 3 grams

    Light effects

  4. 5 grams

    Potent Effects

  5. 8-15+ grams

    Strong Effects

  6. Premium Kratom:

    Buy Kratom

  7. 2 grams

    Minimum effects

  8. 4 grams

    Light effects

  9. 5-10 grams

    Potent Effects

  10. 10-15+ grams

    Strong Effects

  11. Extract Enhanced Kratom:

    Premier theENHANCED Collection of Products, Kratom, Capsules, Powder

  12. 1 gram

    Light effects

  13. 2 grams

    Potent Effects

  14. 3 grams

    Strong Effects

  15. 4-5+ grams

    Very Strong

What is best Kratom dosage?

What are Possible Side Effects From An Incorrect Kratom Dose?

Luckily, when you use kratom responsibly, it’s not only effective, but it’s also very safe. More than a thousand years of happy users without a single report of serious illness or injury resulting from kratom is all the proof you need. However, if you take too high of a dose for your body type and metabolism, you may experience some mild, temporary side effects.
– Light nausea
– Sleeplessness
– Difficulty concentrating
– Loss of appetite
– Runny nose