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kratom coronavirus

kratom coronavirus

kratom and coronavirus, the American Kratom Association (AKA) strongly advises the kratom consumer community to refrain from circulating claims, either on behalf of vendors or based on a personal belief, that kratom is an effective treatment for COVID-19, or that it can help to prevent infections of that virus.

kratom and coronavirus

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is closely monitoring all impermissible therapeutic claims made by manufacturers, distributors, or vendors about kratom. COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving threat to public health and has drawn speculation from a number of researchers about a range of potential products that can build immune systems or treat the symptoms of COVID-19. 

Recent comments have been published by a researcher at Tanjungpura University in Indonesia. Dr. Thamrin Usman, on the diversity of tropical plants in West Kalimantan that have compounds that can strengthen the immune system and “ward off coronavirus” or treat its symptoms.

This unsupported opinion by a single researcher is not sufficient to justify any such claims, and the FDA can and will use any marketing attempts for kratom and COVID-19 as a justification for increased scrutiny on kratom.


The FDA has already launched an aggressive enforcement campaign against CBD companies making claims about CBD’s effectiveness against COVID-19. More that 30 companies have received warning letters from the FDA, with 5 who specialize in CBD on FDA’s target list. The FDA is also focusing on indirect claims being made.  

For example, one company received a warning letter for making the statement: “Can CBD help with Corona Virus? Possibly! But one thing is for sure, it will help you relax when everyone else is panicking.” 

The FDA’s CBD warning letters end with this ominous warning: “Failure to immediately correct the violations cited in this letter may result in legal action, including, without limitation, seizure and injunction.” The kratom community is already acutely aware of the FDA’s War on Kratom and we do not need to paint a larger target on our backs. 

The AKA urges manufacturers, distributors, vendors and consumers to carefully avoid any claims about kratom and COVID-19 until and if credible research is completed to document such claims.

Let’s work together to shrink the target for the FDA on kratom, not expand it!

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